This is a really thorough guide with several choices you deserve to use come insert or kind the Diamond Symbol or sign (♦) on any kind of software such as Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint, whether you space using the home windows or ~ above Mac keyboard. You’ll learn all the straightforward methods including the Diamond Alt code shortcut.

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Without any wasting much time, let’s obtain started.

To kind the Diamond Symbol everywhere on your pc or Laptop key-board (like in Microsoft native or Excel), press Option + change + V faster way for Mac. And if you room using Windows, merely press under the Alt vital and type 4 using the numeric keypad ~ above the ideal side of her keyboard.

However, to form the Diamond sign for Microsoft native users, just kind 2666 and then press Alt + X to gain the ♦ sign.

The table listed below contains whatever you require to recognize to it is in able to type this prize on both Windows and also Mac.

Name that SymbolBlack Diamond Suit
Symbol Text
Alt password 14
Windows ShortcutAlt + 4
Mac ShortcutOption + transition + V
Shortcut in Word2666, Alt+X


After the character Map home window opens up, click to check the Advance View checkbox to expand the window for an ext advanced options.

On the Advanced View section, type Black Diamond Suit in the search box.

The prize you looked for (Diamond symbol) will certainly now show up on the personality map. Double click on it to select it. You’ll view that the symbol appears in the characters to copy message box. This allows you come select and copy numerous symbols at the exact same time.
After selecting the symbol, you great to copy, click the Copy button.Switch over to where you need the symbol, even if it is in ms Word, Excel, or PowerPoint and press Ctrl + V come paste.

This is exactly how you may copy and also paste the Diamond authorize using the personality Map top top Windows.

Method 4: using Insert symbol Dialog

This technique isn’t as straight forward as the faster way methods. Yet it’s fairly simple.

And once you obtain the symbol into your document, you can constantly copy and also paste it again as and also when you require it in her work.

Below are the steps to insert the Diamond Sign in Word using the insert price dialog.

Go come the Insert tab.
On theInserttab, click theSymbolbutton and also chooseMore Symbols…

These few clicks will bring up the prize dialog box.

Locate theSymbol you want to insert.

To easily discover the Diamond prize on the signs window, look at the optimal right area the the dialog and also selectLatin-1 Supplementin theSubset:drop-down list. TheDiamondsymbol you want to insert is in this category and also should appear.

Select the symbol, and then click the Insert button.

Alternatively, double-clicking on the prize will likewise insert the symbol into your document.

Click the Close button.

This is how you may insert a Diamond price in Word utilizing the insert symbol dialog.


As you can see, these are the various methods you might insert or type the Diamond symbol in Word/Excel through or without making use of the keyboard.

My favorite an approach is utilizing the copy and paste method followed by the faster way in Word because that both Windows and Mac. The Alt Code an approach also come simple.

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For any comments or questions about this guide, you re welcome let me know in the comments ar below.