Andy tackles his guilt and grief in the an initial book the Sharon M. Draper’s award-winning Hazelwood High trilogy.

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Tigers don’t cry—or perform they? after the fatality of his longtime friend and fellow Hazelwood Tiger in a auto accident, Andy, the driver, blames himself and cannot gain past his guilt and also pain. While his other friends have controlled to work through your grief and also move on, Andy permits death to end up being the emphasis of his life. In the months that follow the accident, the lives of Andy and also his friends are traced v a collection of letters, articles, homework assignments, and also dialogues, and it becomes clear that Tigers do indeed need to cry.
Atheneum books for Young Readers
Feb 1, 2006

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Sharon M. Draper

Sharon M. Draper is a three-time new York Times bestselling author and a recipient of the Margaret A. Edwards compensation honoring her far-reaching and lasting donation to writing for teens. She has received the Coretta Scott King Award for both Copper Sun and Forged by Fire, and was forgive the Charlotte Huck award for Stella through Starlight. She novel Out of my Mind has winner multiple awards and also was a New York Times bestseller because that over three years, and also Blended has additionally been a brand-new York time bestseller. She teach high school English because that twenty-five years and was named National Teacher of the Year. She now lives in Florida. Visit her at

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Tears that a Tiger - Sharon M. Draper

CRASH, FIRE, pains

Newspaper post


Nov. 8 — Robert Washington, period 17, captain of the Hazelwood High school basketball team, was killed last night in a fiery vehicle accident top top 1-75. Witnesses to speak the car, propelled by Andrew Jackson, 17, also of the Hazelwood team, had been remarkable weaving across the lanes the the expressway just prior to it hit a retaining wall surface and burst right into flames.

Jackson, that police said had actually been drinking, was taken to good Samaritan Hospital, wherein he is gift treated for burns and also bruises. He is noted in an excellent condition. Two other Hazelwood students, B. J. Carson, 16, and Tyrone Mills, 17, who were likewise in the car, were treated and released.

The 3 students that escaped serious injury to be able to run from the four-door Chevy automatically after the accident, say witnesses. Washington, however, that was sitting in the former seat next to the driver, had his feet on the dashboard. The force of the crash sent out his feet through the windshield, pinning him within the automobile. The car’s gas tank climate exploded. Back Jackson tried frantically come rescue Washington, he and his friends watched helplessly together Robert Washington melted to death.


Locker-Room Conversation after ~ the game

NOVEMBER 7 9:30 P.M.

—Hey, Rob! Live game, man. You be flyin’ with the hoops, man! Swoosh! Ain’t nobody better, ’cept possibly me.

—Yo, Andy, my main man! I watch you to be eatin’ bull crap for dinner again! You just wish you to be as an excellent as me! I, Robert Orlando Washington, will be makin’ billions of dollars playin’ because that the N.B.A.! desire me to conserve you a ticket to among my games?

—Man, you be trippin’! You far better be lookin’ the end for me—here’s mine card—Andy Jackson—superstar shooter and also lover come the ladies—’cause i’m gonna be the high- point man ~ above the opposin’ team—the team that wipes the floor through you and your exchange rate dollars!

—Dream on, superstar! just for that, ns gonna do you buy your ticket!

—Let’s get outta here, man, prior to I feeling the need to dust you off. This locker-room odor really funky tonight.

—I’m with you, my male Andy. Girlfriend the one through the raggedy ride. Hey, and also when you take it them funky basketball shoes and your underarms outta here, ns bet this locker room be smellin’ prefer roses.

—You fulla mess, Rob. See, one minute, friend makin’ plan to keep me outta your N.B.A. Games, and also the next minute girlfriend beggin’ a drive in mine raggedy wheels. Girlfriend think the brew is cold, man?

—Yeah, man. That oughta be. We put it in the stems of your vehicle hours ago—Ain’t nothin’ favor some cool bottled sunshine in the moonlight ~ a warm game!

—Talk about hot! Didja view my Keisha up in the stands? She had on this short, butt-huggin’ skirt, and also she preserved jumpin’ and shakin’ every time us scored and…

—Well, she walk a entirety lotta shakin’ then! I was in there! No wonder you only scored six tonight. You too busy scopin’ the ladies in the stands. Keisha obtained your nose broad open. She say jump and also you say just how high.

—Hey, jumpin’ with Keisha is like touchin’ the sky. I’d speak I had actually an honorable excuse, mine man. Yo, ns betcha i score much more than six with Keisha tonight!

—That girl obtained you wrapped and also slapped, mine man.

—Oooo! Well, slap me part more! stop raise.

—Hey Gerald, those up, man?

—Nothin’ much—cold-blooded game, Rob. Twenty-seven points—you be dealin’ out there!

—What deserve to I say? college scouts from everywhere the civilization are knockin’ on mine door, beggin’ me to drive six brand-new Cadillacs to your school, to instruct the females in the dorms ~ above the finer point out of—shall we say—scorin’ —

—Andy, i don’t see why you hang through this big-head fool, except maybe to discover some basketball. What you score tonight—four?

—Hey, Gerald, I believed you to be my man. Girlfriend sound favor the coach—and that was 6 points, thank you. Ns got much more important things on mine mind tonight.

—Yeah, possibly Keisha have the right to teach him some basketball! friend wanna go through us tonight, Gerald? We gained some brew and also we simply gonna be chillin’.

—Naw, Rob. I got to be gettin’ home. And my old man… friend know exactly how he is.… Besides, who would wanna it is in seen with two dudes called after a couple of dead presidents anyway?

—Forget you, man. You checked out B. J. And also Tyrone?

—Yeah, man. Castle waitin’ because that you the end by Andy’s car. Tyrone walk out at an early stage to see if he could capture up through Rhonda. He stated he want to see if she to be leavin’ with anybody. He ain’t dubbed her yet, but he’s gained that puppy-dog look—kinda like the look on Andy’s face when Keisha walks right into study hall.

—Naw, man. Ain’t no girl gained me hooked up. I obtained her fine trained.

—You better not allow Keisha listen you say that!

—You obtained that right!

— Hey Andy, as soon as you gonna gain that raggedy red automobile of your painted?

—When my old man gets tired of lookin’ in ~ it, ns guess. He claimed something around a prize if mine grades obtain better, however you know how that is.

—Yeah, man. Parental be trippin’. But don’t obtain me talkin’ ’bout fathers. He is the reason why i gotta raise outta here now. Where y’all goin’?

—No particular place. We simply gonna chill. We might shot to discover a party, or we might just complete off lock beers and also let the party uncover us. Then I’m headin’ over to Keisha’s house, after i take this turkeys home.

—Don’t allow Keisha discover out you been drinkin’. I swear, periodically a girlfriend is worse 보다 a mother!

—Not to worry, Gerald, mine man. Besides, we got B. J. Through us. He keeps united state straight—or in ~ least offers us breath mints. —Ooowee! lock shoes require some breath mints! i’m outta here! Peace.

—Let’s raise, Roberto. Tyrone and also B. J. Gonna freeze to death!

—I’m v you, Andini. Let’s warmth up the night!

OH NO! IT simply CAN’T BE!

Phone calls

NOVEMBER 7 11:00 P.M.

—Hello, might I speak come Keisha, please.

—Keisha, this is Rhonda. Sit down, girl. There’s been an accident. Part lady who works at an excellent Sam with my mother dubbed her a couple of minutes back and called her that they had actually just carried in some children from Hazelwood—basketball players, she thinks.

—Oh, Rhonda, ns just called Andy to uncover out what was acquisition him for this reason long. The was claimed to be right here an hour ago. Yes no answer in ~ his house. I was gonna kill him! You nothing think it to be Andy, do you?

—I nothing know, Keisha. I referred to as Robert’s house and also all I gained was that stupid recording. Yet then that’s all you ever get once you contact Rob.

—What around Gerald? He normally hangs v them after the game. I’ll call him and also then I’ll speak to you best back, okay?

—Gerald, this is Keisha. Have actually you seen Andy?

—Naw, i went home right after ~ the game, however Andy and also Rob, and also I think Tyrone and also B. J. Too, left with each other in Andy’s car. Andy stated he was comin’ through your house after he take it those clowns home. That ain’t over there yet?

—Uh-uh. Well, if the calls you, tell that to get in touch with me appropriate away, okay? Hey, you haven’t heard anything around an accident, have actually you?

—Why is the the very first thing a girl thinks around if her boyfriend is so late is that he been in an accident? ns bet he is in the backseat the his car, kissin’ almost everywhere some real sexy mama!

—All girlfriend fellas space alike—worthless. Call me if you hear anything, okay?

—Sure. Later.

—Hello, may I speak to Rhonda? Rhonda, is that you? This is Keisha. Ns hardly known your voice. Have you heard anything?… Rhonda? what’s wrong?

—Oh, Keisha, the terrible. There to be a crash, and the automobile exploded, and also my mother’s friend claimed she think at least one that the guys was killed, perhaps more. She stated the police officer who came in with the ambulance told her the the car involved in the accident to be a red Chevette. Isn’t that what Andy drives?

—Oh mine God. Rhonda, I’ve got to go. I’ll get my mommy to drive me come the hospital. Oh, please let them all be okay. I’ll speak to you native the hospital.

—Rhonda, me again. I’m below at the hospital.… that Robbie Washington. He’s… He’s… he’s dead! Oh, Rhonda, he passed away in the accident. No, Andy, B. J., and Tyrone are okay. Tyrone and also B. J. Have currently been sent out home. Andy has actually been admitted, but he’s not seriously hurt. Rhonda, what are we going to do? i’ve never known anybody who passed away before, except my grandmother, and also she was old.

—Oh, Keisha, this is therefore scary. I don’t know how to attend to it. Have actually you speak to Andy?

—No, they i will not ~ let me in there. Yet I observed him through the door. The looked bad—not injured, however his eyes looked funny—I assumption: v he was in shock. I’ve got to go now. My mother is acquisition me home. I’ll speak to you tomorrow.


Tyrone’s Statement to Police


—Tyrone Mills? My surname is Officer Casey, and also I’d like to ask girlfriend a few questions. I know you to be in the car involved in the accident critical night. I recognize you are upset, but it is important that we finish this report while the facts are still new in your mind. I’d like for you come tell me, in together much information as possible, what taken place last night.

—Well, the game was end ’bout nine-thirty and also we was all in a great mood ’cause we won big—by something like forty points, so us was gonna celebrate. Me and B. J. And also Andy and… and… Rob—we left after we all acquired changed. Gerald was gonna come through us… yeah, Gerald Nickelby, but he had actually to walk home. His stepfather beats… uh, ns mean, his old male is genuine strict. So it was simply the 4 of us…. Naw, B. J. Nothing play on the team—he’s too short, however the four of united state hang together. Us been tight because seventh grade.

So, we get in the car… yeah, Andy’s car, and we begin drivin’ around, friend know, just foolin’ around, havin’ a great time, yellin’ out the home window at old white ladies—it constantly freaks ’em out…. Yeah, us was drinkin’—all ’cept B. J.—he don’t drink. We had actually put about