Once again, Target is a trendsetter. No, it"s not because the large box store has rolled out a must-have product. Instead, it"s due to the fact that the firm released a commercial previously in the summer that attributes a very catchy song. Like, therefore catchy that it"s worthy of remaining at the peak of your Spotify playlist for the rest of the year. The track in question is featured in the commercial "What We value Most, Shouldn"t cost More." Luckily, you deserve to watch the commercial currently on YouTube. 

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The advertisement brings together an inclusive range of day-to-day folks who room all presented doing activities that they worth most. For one family, it"s cuddling your newborn ~ a bath. Because that a group of plus-size friends, it"s acquisition a liberating seaside run. Because that a young woman entrepreneur, it"s placing her emphasis on her line that sunscreen for black skin. Because that a few other families, spending beneficial time together looks prefer doing yoga together or eating outside. As we watch the advertisement unfold, a voiceover says, "What we value many should be held in ours hands. A trust that fuels united state to know specifically where we stand. When the treatment we give ago shows up in whatever we do and we become the great we can"t afford come lose. There"s power in our objective to reach higher than before. What we value most, shouldn"t expense more."

So, who specifically is behind the really catchy tune in the Target "What We value Most" commercial?

This Target commercial features a song from a tape you should know about


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The tune featured in Target"s "What We value Most" advertisement is a an effective yet mellow track titled "Colors" by black Pumas. Now is the perfect time to gain properly acquainted with Black Pumas, the Austin, Texas-based tape whose star has been rapidly rising in recent years. Black Pumas released their self-titled debut album ago in 2019. Complying with the album"s release, the band was nominated at the 2019 Grammys for Best brand-new Artist, an compensation that at some point went to billie Eilish. 

However, the black Pumas story doesn"t end there, friends. "Colors" has kept the band on the radio airwaves and also top music charts because it to be released as a solitary back in 2019. The powerful soul/R&B jam obtained its own music video (via YouTube) in November 2019 and, come date, that clip has actually been viewed over 7.8 million times. Almost two years after "Colors" to be released, the band performed the tune as component of president Joe Biden"s Inauguration work concert. Now, we can hear "Colors" every time we turn on our televisions and also come across Target"s "What We worth Most" commercial.