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In regards to gaming, 2020 has seen the launch of a brand-new PlayStation console, a new XBox console, apologize Arcade, and also the boom of Twitch streaming and technical advancements in VR.

While this is remarkable news for those that love gaming, all this change is making me feel nostalgic and crave the great ol’ work of 2009. The job of the iphone phone 3GS and also the work of madness Tap Revenge.

Ah, Tap tap Revenge, how I miss out on you.

To refresh your memory, madness Tapwas basically the run Dance change arcade game but on an iPhone. The player would pick a song of their choosing, then the game would send coloured balls or arrows barisalcity.orge the base of the screen, i m sorry the player would must hit barisalcity.orge the beat of the song. Pure genius, honestly.

Confession:Tap Tap isthe only game I’ve ever been great at.


I miss out on this game so much, mainly since it was the just mobile game that i was ever any great at. While every my mates would show me your high scores top top Doodle Jump, temple Run, and also Fruit Ninja, i always specialized my time toTap madness Revenge. Plus, it to be super fun. I want to listen to Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, and the black color Eyed Peas anyway, so it was a no-brainer that ns played.

Where did Tap Tap go?


I am sad barisalcity.orge report that Tap Tapis no much longer on the application Store. As it transforms out, 2 years after the game debuted, that parent firm Tapulous was got by Disney. Then, after Tap insanity Revenge 2, tap Tap Revenge 3,and tap Tap Revenge 4 were released, the CEO that Tapulous officially resigned. Shortly following was an announcement the all the tap Tap apps would certainly be pulled from the application store and servers would be closeup of the door down. How sad.

After 5 awesome year in the app store we are sunsetting tap Tap Revenge. Head barisalcity.orge for much more information.

— madness Tap Revenge (

How deserve to I play Tap Tap now?

I’m sorry to report the it’s in reality impossible. The is, of course, uneven you have actually an iPod Touch laying roughly that you never ever bothered to update.

However, I must note the there are various other knock-offs the the game that you deserve to play, but they — and I have the right to not stress and anxiety this enough — room not really good. But, they do acbarisalcity.orgplish the craving.


So close, yet so far. (Credit: madness Tap Music-Pop Songs)

So, if friend feel favor a sheep of nostalgia, climate watch some old gameplay videos or pat the tap Tap knock-offs since my gosh, life was simpler back then.

Speaking the nostalgic music games, we’d additionally like SingStar back.

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