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Simple accuse on exactly how to change your engine oil in a TaoTao PowerSports Machine



Heat engine for 5/10 Minutes.Place drain pan underneath an equipment and eliminate 17MM plug top top the bottom to drainpipe oil indigenous crank case.With the drainpipe plug still out take out the dive stick.Clean off any type of debris native the drainpipe bolt or on the screen*. (*Screen only applies to GY6 format engines and also 250CC CG engines)Place drain bolt ago into the engine. Tighten to spec.Find the exactly amount and weight that oil you should be making use of in her machine.

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device load amount Fl oz

110/125 ATVs/Dirt Bikes 10W-40 18Fl oz

125CC GoKarts 15W-40 18Fl oz

50/150CC Scooters 10W-40 18Fl oz

250 Enduros 15W-40 46Fl oz


7. To water oil in with the dip pole plug hole.

8. Tap her dip pole in check the level that the oil top top the dip stick come verify you have the crucial amount the oil in the engine.

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9. Screw the dive stick ago in and you are great to go!

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