A distinct masterpiece, her watch is made of numerous individual components, carefully designed to the critical detail. This miniaturized engine functions 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week to companion you in your every day’s adventure. To gain your watch and keep that in perfect working order watch our care tips:

Our Authorized Victorinox Swiss military service centers guarantee the servicing and also repairs are brought out come our requirements of excellence. Two species of company are offered worldwide :

Maintenance ServiceTo ensure water-resistance and an accurate performance the the activity we recommend the you have actually your clock serviced in ~ an authorized organization center every 18 to 24 months. This business includes:

Rating/regulating checkReplacement of the crown, gaskets and battery for quartz movementsWater-resistance controlCase and also bracelet cleaningFinal quality manage (functions and esthetics)

Complete OverhaulDepending on her watch model, your personal use and also your neighborhood climate, we recommend a finish overhaul every 6 years. This service includes :

Movement dismantling, cleaning, reassembling, oiling, regulating and check of every functionsRepair or instead of of worn motion partsReplacement of the crown, gaskets and battery because that quartz movementsWater-resistance controlCase and bracelet cleaning

How to wind a mechanically watch

Manual winding: Wind a mechanical watch daily, in ~ a consistent time come ensure the smooth to run of her watch. Rotate the crown back and forth till you feeling a slim resistance. To stop damaging the mechanism, do not over-wind.

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Automatic winding: mechanical self-winding city hall wind themselves immediately on your wrist. Her watch must be worn 8 come 10 hrs a job to totally wind it. If your watch stop or is not worn for long enough periods, the motion will have to be wound manually. When completely wound, her watch will have actually a strength reserve that 38 to 48 hours (depending top top the model).

Mechanical motion accuracy: To maintain their accuracy (between -2 /+ 20 seconds per day), mechanical activities need constant maintenance and also checks. Mechanical movements are much more sensitive 보다 quartz motions to components such as gravity, physical shocks, magnetism, and also temperature variations. Because that these reasons, we recommend a complete overhaul every 4-6 years.

How to clean your watch

Cleaning: To maintain the attractive figure of the watch, clean the case and also the bracelet frequently in slightly soapy water, climate rinse in clean water and also dry through a soft cloth.

Soft toothbrush: you can additionally use a toothbrush to clean your watch. Make sure you pick a brush through soft bristles to protect against scratching the watch instance or bracelet.

Leather strap: to clean her leather strap, an initial rinse the under clean water then obstacle it with a soft brush and also a little soap. Wipe with a soft cloth and also leave it to dry. Keep the cleaned leather far from any resource of heat.

Strap care

Authentic Victorinox Swiss military leather straps will certainly last an median of 12 to 18 months, under normal problems of use. This lifespan depends on various factors such as skin acidity, perspiration, contact with chemicals, weather conditions, climate and also humidity. For instance, call with water or any type of other fluid may reason the strap to wear prematurely.To store your animal leather strap in a an excellent condition we recommend you remove your watch for day-to-day showering or swimming.If you have a really active lifestyle, an especially involving regular exposure to salt water and also heavy perspiration, we recommend a steel bracelet or rubber strap.The color and suppleness of animal leather straps space subject to change with time and exposure to outside elements.

While no wearing the watch

Dry place: save your watch in a safe, dried place. To prevent any damage we recommend you to save the watch in your Victorinox Swiss army box or in a soft pouch.Accuracy: enable the motion to occupational for a couple of days come re-establish its original accuracy.Mechanical watch: If you are the owner that a mechanically watch, girlfriend will have to manually wind it if that you have not to be wearing that for some time. Take treatment not to over-wind.Luminescence: The dials and hands of Victorinox Swiss military watches space treated v Super-Luminova. Her watch should be exposed to bright light in (daylight / artificial light) for the markers and also hands to continue to be luminescent in short light conditions.

To avoid

Do not collection the date between 21:00 (9 pm) and also 03:00 (3 am) once the date mechanism is in action. Be cautious to not confuse Noon and Midnight.Do not expose to chemicals, solvents or gases as they can cause deterioration, discoloration and damage to the case.Do no apply any type of cosmetics or perfumes directly onto the case, animal leather strap or steel bracelet.Avoid high temperature and strong magnetic fields.

While traveling

Before her vacation: to prevent any infiltration from water or dust, you must make certain that her watch has actually passed a water-resistance test throughout the last 18 month at one Authorized Victorinox Swiss military service center .

At the airport: To protect your clock from magnetism, we recommend you to eliminate your watch prior to going through defense control.

Before showering / swim etc:

Check the the crown is completely pushed in or screwed down versus the situation in stimulate to keep water- resistance.To safeguard your leather strap indigenous deformation or discoloration avoid contact with water.For regular or prolonged use in water, we recommend a steel bracelet or rubber strap.

After each exposure come salt water, rinse the watch carefully in new water then dried it.

Condensation: A sudden change in temperature may reason condensation to appear under the crystal. This go not affect the watch’s functions and will quickly disappear on its own. Nevertheless, it shows a water-resistance weakness, and also we recommend that you top an Authorized Victorinox Swiss army Watch business center.

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 Warm conditions: 

Temperatures above 60°C (140°F) have the right to have a significant effect top top the mechanism and also battery lifeHigh temperatures cause discoloration and can shorten the lifespan of the leather strap. We execute not recommend that you disclose your watch to excessive climate conditions.Intense light can age materials supplied in her Victorinox Swiss army watch, such together coatings, plastics, rubber and also leather. 


Cold conditions: 

In cold environments, us recommend keeping your clock on your wrist so the it stays close to human body temperature.Below 0°C (32°F), the system oil have the right to lose fluidity and also slow under the movement.