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Forum, I have actually the P1130 code. Symptoms room the Pathy operation fine and also is smooth to drive. However, if ns accelerate too easily the vehicle stalls/hesitates together if a significant vacuum leak. I have actually seen other write-ups in the forum concerning this and am considering investing in the part. Go anyone understand where ns can obtain 2004 Nissan Pathfinder; K5T46571; K5T46578; Swirl control Solenoid Valve other than dealer? Dealer price because that the black color valve is $179 and the solenoids room $163 EACH. All space available.Anyone else have actually this problem?Thanks in advance. Blistering warm in Phoenix area today (as expected in July)!!

I searched ebay because that the component numbers and the results I obtain are various then just how the part looks top top the Pathy. Carry out you know if there are alternate part numbers?Thank girlfriend for your reply!Dave

Those aren"t Nissan part numbers, which room 10-digits. The part diagram linked below has the solenoid valves you seek, ns believe. I"d it is in surprised if anyone various other than a Nissan/Infinity dealer or a salvage yard would have actually them.,14956U
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