Im new to the forum and the quad I just got. I want to change oil in in. Its almost impossible to find anything on-line. I recognize it bring away 10w40 and also know the oil filter location. What oil have to I use? Is there a cross referral for oil filter. The closestly dealer come me is an hour away. I have actually NAPA close and also like the WIX or Napa yellow filters. Also is where can I acquire a Manuel because that it? Thanks

If you have actually a Napa, you"ll need a 1359 Gold

I"ll look roughly for a manual.

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Posted respectable 8, 2019


Posted august 8, 2019

For normal conditions the posted organization manual files the liquid specs.


If friend have difficulties with your pan assembly. Examine out mine previous post... Found a perfect replacement on Amazon that fit perfect in the mounting bracket. I was prepared to fabricate mine own once I to buy the fan and also then establish it to the right the bracket. Just changed the plug end and also perfect.

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05 Suzuki King Quad 700 Oil Change?

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