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So I have actually been do the efforts to figure out whereby the dipstick because that the automatically transmission liquid is in mine 07 Forenza. I am right now in the procedure of discovering as lot as my vechile as I can and either ns am analysis the manual wrong or I have to be lacking something. Anyone want to assist a girl out? I would certainly really evaluate it together I am a girl who loves her car and also rather solve it on her own due to the fact that the shops charge method to lot for miscellaneous I can do because that cheaper. Many thanks ^_^
there is no dipstick. Its taken into consideration a closed transmission. That method it needs no maintenance. The doesnt median it really doesnt require anything despite
i think human being recommend act a fluid flush at roughly 60k. Its not so basic though. There is a object or 2 the tells you just how to do it. You require a torx socket set. They kind of look prefer a star. Search the forum friend should find the thread
thanks for this reason much! ns really appreciate it! Its to be bugging me because that a while since I stay on optimal of mine fluids and also stuff i didn"t desire to miss out on anything. You space a genuine relief! I will certainly go back and find aroud to see what I have the right to uncover!
There space two plugs top top the transmission. One is top top the bottom to drainpipe it. The various other is halfway up the next to fill it. To check the level, you eliminate the side plug and also check the the fluid is approximately the bottom of the hole. This need to be done v the fluid warm, yet not as well hot. The auto needs to it is in level. That is many easily completed with the car on a lift or increase on jack stands.On mine "05, the plugs aren"t Torx drive. They space an 8mm square drive. I"m not sure where come buy the right wrench. I will be act a drain and also fill soon. I plan to make my own wrench out of a piece of 5/16" vital stock.
There space two plugs ~ above the transmission. One is ~ above the bottom to drain it. The other is halfway increase the next to fill it. To inspect the level, you eliminate the next plug and check that the fluid is approximately the bottom the the hole. This have to be done with the liquid warm, but not too hot. The automobile needs to be level. The is most easily completed with the vehicle on a elevator or increase on jack stands.On my "05, the plugs aren"t Torx drive. They are an 8mm square drive. I"m not sure where come buy the best wrench. I will certainly be law a drain and also fill soon. I arrangement to do my very own wrench the end of a item of 5/16" an essential stock.
No, ns am talking about the ZF automatic transmission. The is not taken into consideration a close up door or sealed unit. It just takes tools to inspect the level or work on it, rather than just pulling the end a dipstick. Below is the procedure:Service Manual2005 MAINTENANCE and also REPAIR
ah correctly thats ideal sorry it is a square drive. No that it yes, really maters but, the ZF4HP16 in ~ is considered a sealed transmission
I"m tho not certain why world commonly speak to a transmission without a dipstick a "sealed" transmission. It"s a misnomer. It"s not sealed and off limits. The fluid still needs to it is in checked and also serviced. It have to be dubbed an inconvenient transmission.
Replacing the "lifetime*" fluid is a pain in the &?% to do at home. However it deserve to be done....-Car must be level: I supplied ramps, for this reason I additionally had to lift the rear.-Need the 8mm square drive, i ground a ratchet expansion to the appropriate size and also kept it for future use.-A great fluid pump come refill the after, mine was more like a syringe and also leaked most of its liquid in my challenge unfortunately... I bought what looks more like a pump for following time.-Fluid level inspect needs to it is in done with the engine running, fluid at common running temp, after using D and also R because that a few secs. A helper may be to reduced the engine quickly is a must I think for this.*I specify lifetime together the life the the infection itself... When past warranty, Chevrolet/Suzuki won"t treatment how much it is...
thanks so much guys so you space saying yes i can adjust and check the fluid yet its obtained to be level go parking it in the driveway count? lmbo likewise I was wondering if the link additionally pertains to the "07 model. I will shot checking it friday because I will have all day to look under the hood.
Unless you"re Gumby, i don"t think without lifting you space going to be able to replace fluid... I supplied my driveway (slightly inclined) v ramps and a jack under my behind towbar to readjust untill level.

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Apart native the electronic throttle, i don"t think lot has adjusted in the engine/transmission combo native 04 -> 08. Should be the very same for the "07
Unless you"re Gumby, i don"t think without lifting you space going to be able to replace fluid... I provided my driveway (slightly inclined) v ramps and also a jack under my behind towbar to adjust untill level.
I was making a hoax hehehehehe I know its impossible due to the fact that to perform anything underneath any type of car you need to lift it increase to execute so. Yet thank you because that the input favor I said I"ll try to perform it on Friday and let you all know how it goes. In addition to this I wanted to say thanks to all who posted to aid a girl out. Muahsz come you all. :wub:
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