Soap opera fans have the right to rattle turn off the name of OG actors members without batting an eye, and also when it pertains to The Bold and also the Beautiful, Susan Flannery rolls turn off the tongue.

For 25 years, she played the matriarch that the Forrester clan, Stephanie. Her character generally clashed v Katherine Kelly Lang’s Brooke Logan while protecting Ridge and Thorne and also keeping a near eye over her family’s fortune.

But choose Ronn Moss, Flannery left the daytime soap behind in 2012. Fans weren’t all set for the move, but her personality was offered a heartwarming sendoff with her cancer storyline.

Granddaughter Steffy serves together a reminder of her presence and also in 2018, Flannery go a brief voiceover return because that Brooke’s wedding day. This is an idea that what Flannery’s to be up to because leaving and also her net worth.

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Former ‘Bold and also the Beautiful’ actress Susan Flannery | David Becker/Getty Images

Why go Flannery leaving the series?

Behind the scene of The Bold and also the Beautiful, rumorsswirled that Moss (who played Ridge Forrester) to be unhappy. That left weeksbefore Flannery, but she was among the an initial to know around his decision andafter speaking v him, decided to close the end her thing on the present too.

In a 2013 interview through TV Guide, Flannery common that she loved how Stephanie had the ability to die with Brooke at she side, and the episode was very special to her.

When asked about whether she to let go The Bold and also the Beautiful she said, “Nope.” and she described that she didn’t miss out on acting either.

Nope. I really just think around that part of my life once somebody phone call me. I don’t median to be unkind or anything. I had a good run and a wonderful time, however there’s a time to go. And when you go it’s over. Friend don’t look back. My friend Joanna Johnson <B&B‘s Karen> was so concerned that i was going to lose my mental if I quit working. <Laughs> however I lost that a long, lengthy time ago, for this reason what the hell? She said, “You have too lot energy! What will you execute with it?” yet it’s every been fine.

Today, Stephanie Forrester returns v a special article for Brooke. Song in come hear what she says! #BoldandBeautiful

— bolder & The Beautiful (

She’s directed other projects

Flannery is an knowledgeable director and sat in the chair notonly for 18 illustration of The Bold and also the Beautiful, but additionally GuidingLight and Venice the Series. In 2017, she command an illustration of TheFosters according to IMDb.Altogether, she directed close to 60 illustration of television.

She there is no been very active in TV lately, however her daughterand grandson have actually made guest appearances top top B&B due to the fact that her departure.

Flannery’s job in film and television boosted her wealth

Besides functioning on The Bold and also the Beautiful, Flannery was an actress in Days of ours Lives, Dallas, and also a organize of movies and television series.

The soon-to-be 81-year-old spends few of her spare time with friends, but additionally, she visits she daughter Blaise and her family members who currently live in Australia.

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Though she is no on the entertainment scene, she is enjoyingbeing retired. In a 2017 interview v TVInsider, Flannery claimed she wouldn’t mind tackling one more directingproject, but B&B is behind her. Follow to CelebrityNet Worth, she fortune is $9 million.