Makes all of the pink bombombs into huge goombas that sometimes host hats or silver- stars no matter which mission. (I produced it myself)
It offers you an extra star if you speak to the best toad! note some pple say the it will destroy your paper if friend save, i saved and nothing happened, just saying this since it might ruinen your file.

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Hey I"m brand-new here therefore there might be one or 2 mispellings. This code will certainly make girlfriend look favor a large robot. Prior to using the code readjust the character to Yoshi. Rotate it on and also put these codes in:
Hey, perform you have actually the brand-new Super Mario bros. Game? Well, yes the password for custom sizes. This code works the same way.
Hey, execute you have actually the brand-new Super Mario bros. Game? Well, theres the code for custom sizes. This code functions the very same way.
If you desire to begin out anywhere in the gameUSE THIS CODE.94000130 FFFB0000020988A4 000000XXD2000000 00000000
This code grants girlfriend the capacity to moon jump! every you have to do is press B, then hold B to jump as high as possible, and also farther! just in case you go also high, I"ve taken the liberty of offering you a password to do you loss slower on her lands! because that this code, press Y, and while in the air, host Y to slow-moving your falls!
This is the Eropean activity replay codes because that super mario 64 DS these occupational 100% without fail (i always shot before I post the codes up)Here castle are:
This allows you to relocate when your game is paused.If girlfriend go v a door throughout use, your game will unpause.
its the game i developed from the video game super mario 64 gain this is level 1 you need to start in bobomb battlefield
This code, as soon as inputed and L+R+SELECT is pressed, will start the level off v you having 7 red coins, so you only need to find 1 red coin to enable a star!
You will have to freeze the game (do the multiple Hats Glitch lot of times) and also then press L+R+Left+A, release, push Down+B, release and then press Start+Select. What girlfriend will see is the "Debug Menu". There will certainly be a lot of thing written there, however there will additionally be: (examp.): 12345678 12345678. The code you will placed in your activity Replay have to be this:
This code describes the same process as the size modifier, but an ext updated this code renders your character is the result of Mega Mushroom, only to the suggest where the mega mushroom operation out, yet when you play through the password turned on, the video game believes that You space in your common size however it is not prefer that, girlfriend still have the result of hitting nearly all enemies and also not others. This code have the right to work as the USA and additionally as the PAL is why that is a code that is an extremely up come date
Hi, this time ns posted a code similar to "Mega Mushroom Effect" and "Giant setting (Fixed)", yes, that is "Giant Starman".Giant Starman is a password that is draft to make you "Unlimited time invincible", but anyway this password is no completed yet, that is, for me i would speak to it "Giant Starman (Beta)", however it is far better not to include it as I will update that code with the assist of time.If the updates space usually time spend at times, yet it is so, you have to be patient for the next update.
Hi, this time i posted a code comparable to "Mega Mushroom Effect" and also "Giant mode (Fixed)", yes, it is "Giant Starman".Giant Starman is a code that is draft to make you "Unlimited time invincible", yet anyway this code is not completed yet, the is, for me ns would call it "Giant Starman (Beta)", however it is better not to add it together I will upgrade that code through the assist of time.If the updates space usually time spend at times, yet it is so, you have to be patient because that the next update.


17IF waluigi remained in the game. And other stuff.

1there is no waluigi

18the 2D black color box

6Action replay codes, Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5Action Replay code

65Who has 150 STARS as well as ME ?

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