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Chig"s father, Dr. Charles Dunford, has actually a college course reunion, i m sorry Chig attends. Afterwards, his father says that they should visit his grandmother and also uncles that live more south. Chig’s father rarely talks about his family, which is composed of his older brother GL and also his wife, Rose, his brothers Hiram...

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Chig"s father, Dr. Charles Dunford, has a college course reunion, i m sorry Chig attends. Afterwards, his father suggests that they must visit his grandmother and uncles that live additional south. Chig’s father rarely talks around his family, which is composed of his older brother GL and his wife, Rose, his brother Hiram and his mam Mae, his mother, and likely rather not discussed in the story. Top top the work of their visit, castle are obtained by Aunt Rose and also the grandmother. Chig notices the his dad is fairly resentful the his mother during their early meeting, for he watch a watch of “fear, uncertainty, sadness, and maybe even hatred” ~ above his confront as that bends under to kiss her.

As the job progresses and also the family members sits down to dinner, i beg your pardon is served prior to the come of Uncle GL, Chig is entertained by his grandmother and also Aunt Rose. His father and Uncle Hiram are mostly quiet, speaking only as soon as addressed.

At some allude during the meal, Chig’s grandmother speak the story the the crazy equine that GL once acquired in exchange for an old chair; exactly how GL persuaded her to ride the steed through town, and how it finally went berserk, forcing she to hop on its ago to carry it come a stop. The story seems to stir increase old memory in Chig’s dad who allows out top top why he is resentful that his mother—how she had favored GL end him while they were farming up since of his same looks. He speak emotionally the the instances in which the felt slighted through his mother’s attitude towards him. Afterwards, he leaves the dining table because that his room. Uncle GL come in a small later and also expresses his joy at having actually his brother in town after together a long time. The is, the course, oblivious the his brother’s eight at the dinner table.

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Uncle GL is invariably explained by the household members as “ill-behaved, a valuable joker, and a swindler that sorts”. He behaves choose a “five-year-old” also now the he is practically fifty years old.