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You will uncover the Stretch vehicle in "Vercetti Estate" at Starfish Island in ~ the ideal hand side, yet for this you have actually to achieve the mission Kent Paul and after killing Diaz the Diaz building will become Vercetti Estate. It"s not necesarry the yo will uncover Stretch vehicle only, part times you will discover Admiral car, so blast turn off the Admiral Car, get out of there and also roam some where else, after girlfriend come back you"ll gain it. If no then continuously shot the same method till you acquire it.

I have actually purchased 2 taxi mission nd studio additionally car shoroom ....and I deserve to not find other mission phone call me what is the other mission plzzzz....?????

Buy amlicab and record print works ....And steal car which to be in the want list in the garage that sunshine autos
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