anyone know around the 032 av stihl, this one ns came throughout for sale has a 36 customs bar guy wants a 150 $ does anyone have this witnessed or know around it that can tell me a small about it?


If it to be me, I would not buy it.Not the it is a Stihl, yet how hard parts would be to find for it?

If it to be me, I would not to buy it.Not that it is a Stihl, yet how tough parts would certainly be to discover for it?
I"ve got one v a 20 and thats the degree I"d ever run on it. It no win any type of races, but it does reduced pretty smooth and handle nice because that a thirty year old saw.

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This observed IMHO is among the finest 50 cc ever before built. A wonderful experienced that has reduced as lot firewood as any kind of saw ever made. Mine still cut firewood 35 years after i bought it. View what saws today perform that in 35 years! Scott in ~ I"m sure has a bunch of parts for the 032.
If the is one 032 and it has a 36" bar ~ above it, i would remain away indigenous it. The bar is too big for the saw. It would certainly pull it yet I"m certain it would hurt the clutch side bearings and clutch. Ns would keep walking if it was me.
If that is one 032 and also it has a 36" bar on it, i would stay away from it. The bar is too huge for the saw. It would pull it but I"m sure it would certainly hurt the clutch next bearings and clutch. I would store walking if it to be me.
someone need to be slapped for placing a 36 inch bar on that negative old 032. Mine has cut wood because that over 30 years and is as strong as my 260 pro and as heavy as my 441.

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Finding components for the observed won"t be a problem...they make a boatload. However, 150 is about the top limit come pay unless the particular saw/model has a particular nostalgic worth for you. I simply rebuilt an 031 I used to run once i to be a kid and wouldn"t offer it because that $150 and also it isn"t pretty
i have actually a 30yo 032aveq through a 20in bar and a chiselbit chain and also it eats much better that mine dads more recent farmboss, i placed a coil in that a pair months ago but other than that its an amazing saw. One of the finest made in the 50cc classification i think
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