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Firearms & Weapons
Stevens / Savage, design 9478, 12 Gauge, Shotgun

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Stevens model 9478 by Savage Arms solitary shot shotgun. It has a 23 1/4" barrel chambered because that 2 3/4" and also 3" 12 gauge shells. Fired & duty Tested by only Area FireArms. * Firearm will have to be choose up and also transferred with Bay Area firearms In Baytown, TX after the nearby of Auction. Buyer have to pay $20 FFL transfer fee top top pickup.
Friday Oct 5th 10AM-7 PMSaturday Oct 6th 9-1pm
PICK up & remove DATE:Friday Oct 12th 10AM-7 PMSaturday Oct 13th 9-1pm
1760 West pedestrian St.Suite 300 & 400League City,TX77573
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# AUCTION PREVIEW #Friday Oct fifth 10AM-7 PMSaturday Oct 6th 9-1pm whereby - 1760 West walker St. Suite 300 organization City, Tx 77573 choose UP & removed DATE:Friday Oct 12th 10AM-7 PMSaturday Oct 13th 9-1pmALL ITEMS have to BE choose UP throughout THESE pick UP DATES/TIMES.

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