Who is Sherrie Swafford?

Sherrie Swafford is the previous girlfriend the the musician Steve Perry, the command singer the the band Journey. His song Oh Sherrie, his best solo hit, was inspired by Swafford and even functions her in the accompanying music video. The song had actually success in both the pop and also rock charts in 1984, landing at numbers three and also one respectively, proving to be his biggest solo achievement to date. Quite the tribute!

The young lover were regularly seen together in Journey’s heyday, happy strolling hand in hand at a festival or playfully laughing together yet somewhere follow me the line, points took a tart turn. Sherrie and Steve eventually split up in 1985, bringing additional tragedy to a year that also saw Perry shed his mother, leaving him devastated. 2 years later, Steve Perry disbanded indigenous Journey and they too went their separate ways.

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Steve Perry’s song about Sherrie (official video clip starring Sherrie herself)

How go Steve Perry satisfy Sherrie Swafford?

It is not clear exactly how Steve and Sherrie an initial met return it seems their romance started long before the overwhelming success that Steve Perry’s tape took hold.

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From all accounts, it appears that they were childhood sweethearts, back both Sherrie and also Steve room secretive about their relationship.

What occurred to Steve Perry and also Sherrie Swafford?

Although neither Steve nor Sherrie like stating their previous relationship, it to be rumored that Steve and Sherrie’s young relationship came to be troubled with a spate the rows, resulting from the inevitable pressure the success of trip was acquisition on Steve and his touring commitments weighing greatly on both the them. Come this day, lock both maintain they were really much in love and also have never talked with anything however affection for one other, yet it seems there was hurt top top both sides which hasn’t subsided over the years.

Steve Perry v Sherrie Swafford plenty of years ago:

Steve and Sherrie…the watch on his face in this pic crack me up!!!