There space instances in every person"s life once it seems that a difficulty is insurmountable or a cross is unbearable. In these cases, pray to the patron saintsof difficult causes: St. Rita that Cascia, St. Jude Thaddeus, St. Philomena and St. Gregory that Neocaesarea. Review their life stories below.

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St. Rita was born in 1381 in Roccaporena, Italy. She lived a very complicated lifeon earth, but she never let it ruin her faith.

Although she had a deep great to enter religious life, her parents arranged her marriageat a young period to a cruel and also unfaithful man. Since of Rita"s prayers, he ultimately experienced a conversion afteralmost 20years of dissatisfied marriage, only to bemurdered by one enemysoon after ~ hisconversion.Her two sonsbecame ill and died adhering to their father"s death, leaving Rita without family.

She hope again to enter the spiritual life, but was denied entrance to the Augustinian convent manytimes before finally being accepted. Upon entry, Ritawas request to tend to a dead item of vineas an plot of obedience. She watered the stick obediently, and also it inexplicably gave in grapes. The plantstill grow at the convent, and its leaves are spread to those search miraculous healing.

For the rest of she life till her fatality in 1457, Rita knowledgeable illness and also an ugly, openwound on her forehead thatrepulsed those around her. Choose the other calamitiesin she life, she embraced thissituation v grace, viewing her wound as a physics participation in Jesus" suffering from His crown the thorns.

Although she life wasfilled with seemingly impossible circumstances and also causes because that despair, St. Rita never lost her belief weakened in her resolveto loveGod.

Her feast job is may 22. Countlessmiracles have actually been meeting to she intercession.

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Not much is well-known of St. Jude"s life, although the is perhaps the most popularpatron of difficult causes.

St. Jude was one of Jesus" Twelve Apostles and preached the Gospel with an excellent passion, often in the most complicated circumstances. That is thought to have actually beenmartyred for his faith while preaching to pagans in Persia.

He is often portrayed with a flame over his head, representing his visibility at Pentecost, amedallion with photo ofChrist"s face around his neck, symbolizing his connection with the Lord, and also a staff, indicative that his role in leading world to the Truth.

He is the patron of impossible causes due to the fact that the scriptural Letter that St. Jude, which the authored, urgesChristians come persevere in complicated times. Also, St. Bridget that Sweden to be directed by Our lord to rotate to St. Jude with great faith and confidence. In a vision, Christ said St. Bridget, “In accordance with his surname, Thaddeus, the amiable or loving, he will display himself most willing to provide help.” that is the patron the the impossible because Our Lord figured out him together a saint ready and willing to assist us in our trials.

His feast day is October 28, and also novenas are often prayed for his intercession. Discover a website dedicated to his intercession here.

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St. Philomena, who name means "Daughter that Light," is among the earliest well-known Christian martyrs. Her dig was discoveredin old Roman catacombs in 1802.

Very little is well-known of she life ~ above earth, except that she passed away a martyr for her faithat the young period of 13 or14. The noble birth v Christian convert parents, Philomena dedicated her virginity to Christ. As soon as she refused to get married the Emperor Diocletian, she to be cruelly tortured in many ways for over a month. She was scourged, thrown into a river through an anchor approximately her neck, and also shot v with arrows. Miraculously surviving all this attempts on her life, she was lastly beheaded. In spite of the tortures, she did no waver in her love for Christ and also her vow to Him.

The miracles meeting to her intercession were so numerous that she to be canonized based exclusively on this miracles and her death as a martyr. She became known as "The Wonder Worker."

She is stood for by a lily for purity, a crown and arrows because that martyrdom, and also an anchor. The anchor, uncovered inscribed on she tomb, one of her tools of torture, was a popular early on Christian price of hope.

Her feast work is commemorated on august 11th. Besides difficult causes, she is likewise the patroness ofbabies, orphans, and also youth. Discover a novena prayer to St. Philomena here.

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St. Gregory Neocaesarea, also known as St. Gregory Thaumaturgus (the Wonderworker) to be born in Asia Minoraround the year 213. Although raised as a pagan, at period 14 he to be deeply affected by a goodteacher, and also thus convert to Christianity v his brother. At theage of 40 he ended up being a bishop in Caesarea, and also served the Church in this role until his death 30 year later. According to ancient records, there were only 17 believer in Caesarea whenhe an initial became a bishop. Many human being were convert by his words and also by his miracles which proved that the power of God was v him. As soon as he died, there were only 17 pagans left in every one of Caesarea.

According to St. Basil the Great, St. Gregory Thaumaturgus (the Wonderworker) is equivalent to Moses, the prophets, and also the Twelve Apostles. St. Gregory that Nyssa claims Gregory Thaumaturgus experienced a vision of our Lady, among the very first such taped visions.

St. Gregory that Neocaesarea"s feast day is November 17th.

These 4 saints room known particularly for their prowess in interceding for impossible, hopeless, and also lost causes.

God regularly permits trials in our lives so the we can learn come rely only on Him. To encourage our love because that His saints and also to provide us holy models that heroic virtue who persevered with suffering, He also permits prayers to be answered v their intercession.

If any of these 4 saints the impossible causes have been powerful intercessors for an overwhelming circumstances in your very own life, you re welcome comment listed below with her story.

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