What was the an initial Comic publication That had actually Spider-Man's black color Costume In It? In their recent reader-submitted question, CSBG make the efforts to number out which comic book really had the an initial appearance that Spider-Man"s black color costume!

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Reader Greg P. Created in come ask if I can answer definitively the inquiry that seems to constantly confused collectors, i beg your pardon is i beg your pardon comic publication contained the very first appearance that Spider-Man"s black costume.

This is among those fascinating instances whereby the many collectible comic is clearly NOT the very first appearance, as the most popular comic to collect once it pertains to Spider-Man"s black costume is mystery Wars #8, the an initial appearance the the costume in CONTINUITY...

However, that worry came out MONTHS after the costume very first showed increase in comics.

By the way, prior to I get into the very first comic book appearance the the costume, let"s acquire the very first appearance that the costume in magazines, for those lunatics who see stuff like this as "first appearances." The costume was an initial shown in Comics journal #85...

Obviously the doesn"t count, however hey, if you"re among those people, that is the very first time the costume saw print. Front of its comparable appearances in amazing Heroes and Marvel Age and stuff prefer that.

Okay, currently the comic that have to be the first appearance that the black costume was amazing Spider-Man #252...

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as you persons know, though, that"s not just how things always work out, like just how Uncanny X-Men #266 need to be Gambit"s very first appearance, but it is not.

So the trick here is that two various other comic publications came out that were additionally cover-dated may 1984, Marvel Team-Up #141 and Spectacular Spider-Man #90...

The rumor over the years has been that Marvel Team-Up #141 come out the same week as exceptional Spider-Man #252, even though remarkable Spider-Man #252 was claimed to come out first.

All the details we have actually on the subject, though, native the Library of congress registration (which doesn"t necessarily tell us when it officially came out, but at least it most likely tells united state if that is earlier than an additional comic) come the listings in Marvel period and every one of the various other comic magazines native the era, is that impressive Spider-Man #252 came out at the finish of January 1984 and the other two books came out 2 weeks later.

So the winner is exceptional Spider-Man #252!

Thanks for the question, Greg!

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