My husband and I just watched every the movies recently. In Deathly Hallows part 2, Hermione uses the Obliviate spell to wipe your memories of her to safeguard them from Voldemort. The just occurred to me that there is no indication that she ever before undid the spell.

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Can she parents' storage be returned at all? i can't remember if there's any instance in the books where it has actually been done. I just need to know since it's pour it until it is full me with a whole lot that depression if Hermione enforcement the order knowing full well that it to be permanent. Ns mean holy shit that's simply an awful thought. You re welcome someone placed me at lull here.

Also, I have actually no idea if we execute spoilers tags here, so ns threw one in the title anyway just to be safe.


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In the publications the charm is various than Obliviate. The charm offered in the books alters memories, not erases them. Hermione had the ability to reverse the effects.

Laura Trego: walk hermione really placed a storage charm on her parents she says she did but then around 50 pages later tells ron shes never ever done a memory charm

J.K. Rowling: They are two various charms. She has not wiped she parents’ memory (as she later on does to Dolohov and also Rowle); she has bewitched lock to do them think that they are various people.

Maggie Keir: to be hermione able to find her parents and also undo the storage damage

J.K. Rowling: Yes, she carried them house straight away.

Hermione didn't actually usage obliviate, the order to remove memories, she supplied a charm to alter her parents' memories. Possibly it's similar to the poorly cast spell the Slughorn supplies to tamper with his very own memory.

you don't remember? we simply told friend this the other day? friend don't think...

nah yes while people have discussed that Hermione didn't usage Oblivate on she parents in the books and that it's all good in the magical hood.

I would certainly argue that because she supplies it in the movies that possibly she specifically can readjust it back because that was her spell.

I likewise think imagine the really great Wizards can reverse that in victims even if it would be hard.

You're probably exactly right. Ns was simply thinking the Lockhart due to the fact that Obliviate was his jam, and also I couldn't mental if he ever before mentioned reversing the effects. Climate again, he's a dick, so... Doubt he'd ever before reverse it.

In the books it's stated to be difficult to cancel Obliviate without destroying their mind and also killing them. Voldemort did it come Bertha Jorkins.

Everyone here answered the Hermione question.

But yes, memory charms can be broken. When Hermione casts lock on Dolohov and also Rowle in the cafe, Dolohov's charm is clearly either broken since he's fighting by the battle of Hogwarts.

What does Dolohov being in the battle have to perform with the storage charm? Hermione only modified their memory of finding harry in the cafe, the didn't do them stop being fatality Eaters.

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