What room the top Spanish songs? our list functions songs appearing on Amazon’s peak 50 best-selling Latin chart and all-time favorites. The chart typically showcases brand-new artists and also Latin superstars.

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What Spanish Songs should I Play at My Wedding?

Typically, the Latin and also Spanish track chart functions songs on Amazon’s height 50 best-selling Latin category. It frequently showcases the latest songs by popular brand-new artists — not surprising. However, the list will regularly attribute mainstay artists such together Selena, Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Marc Anthony, and Celia Cruz.

The Latin chart repeatedly ranks party bangers that have made their means into a Pop culture such as “Despacito,” “Mi Gente,” “Macarena,” “Suavemente,” and also “Danza Kuduro.” So, ours list has a wide selection of sounds, moods, and use cases. Basically, as soon as you eliminate the ceremony, a wedding is a party. So, obtain your groove on, pick your partner, and also get to dancing!


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The finest 50 Spanish Songs because that Weddings

It’s difficult not to pick all of the songs, as soon as you listen to the lyrics or hear the beat. If you recognize a track that you think should be on our list, be sure to let us know! leaving a comment so us can include it come the list. Be certain to inspect out our other social song lists.

Hot 50 Spanish wedding track list curated by Matthew CampbellLast Updated: October 21, 2021

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SongAmazon Link
Ahí Donde Me Ven - Angela Aguilar2021
Al Natural - Tego Calderon feat. Yandel2012
Al Natural - Tego Calderon2003
Almas Gemelas - La Zenda Norteña & El Trono De Mexico2020
Amor Eterno (Remasterizado) - Juan Gabriel2016
Apiádate de Mi - Víctor Manuelle2000
Bailando (English Version) - Enrique Iglesias feat. Sean Paul & Descemer Bueno & Gente De Zona2014
Como La Flor - Selena1992
Con Calma (Remix) - dad Yankee & Katy Perry feat. Snow2019
Con Calma - daddy Yankee feat. Snow2019

Conga - Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine1985
Danza Kuduro - Don Omar feat. Lucenzo2010
Despacito - louis Fonsi & dad Yankee2017
Disparo al Corazón - Ricky Martin2015
Don"t walk Yet - Camila Cabello2021
Dreaming the You - Selena1995
Dura - dad Yankee2018
El Choclo - Chamuyo Tango2014
El Cobarde - Diego Verdaguer1981
El chocolate No - Roberto small Y Su Bandeño2013

El Palomito - Los Cadetes De Linares2016
El Vaquero - Los Elegantes de Jerez2018
Eres - José María Napoleón2011
Es Así Mi Amor - Diego Verdaguer1979
Estar Enamorado - Carlos Rivera2021
Fruta Prohibida - Los Elegidos2005
Fulanito - Becky G & El Alfa2021
Hips Don"t Lie - Shakira feat. Wyclef Jean2005
In Da Getto - J. Balvin & Skrillex2021
KESI - Camilo2021

La Burra Orejona - La Zenda Norteña2016
La Romana - bad Bunny & El Alfa2018
Loco - Justin Quiles, Chimbala, Zion & Lennox2021
Macarena - Los Del Rio1993
Milo - Residente2017
No Quiero Saber (1996 Version) - Selena1996
Nostálgico - Rvssian, Rauw Alejandro & kris Brown2021
Pa"lla Voy - Marc Anthony2021
Pienso en Ti - Joss Favela & Becky G2018
Que Lloro - Sin Bandera2007

Quiereme Como dare Quiero - Bronco2017
Robi-Rob"s Boriqua Anthem (Edited Version) - El General, C+C Music Factory2006
Stand by Me - Prince Royce2013
Suavemente - Elvis Crespo1998
Todos Dicen - Jimmy Edward2012
Tu Fan - louis Vazquez2021
Tu Rumba - iLe2019
Un Nuevo Amor - Yiyo Sarante2020
Volví - Aventura & poor Bunny2021
Woah - La Goony Chonga & Jhawk Productions2020

Is Latin Music Its own Genre?

Latin music is a wide tent. It no its very own genre unless few of the curators room lazy. We often tend to think of Latin music as just songs in Spanish. But they could also be in language from the Caribbean or Portuguese. Brazil 66 anyone?

Latin music is a genre the music labeling by the music industry that has actually a representative sound and style of the aboriginal music from main and south America as well as the Caribbean.

Latin songs consist of many sub-genres including, however not minimal to:

DuranguenseGruperoMamboMariachiMerengueNortenoRancheraReggaetonSalsaSambaSerranoTejanoTierra CalienteVallenato

Which are the ideal Spanish Songs for Weddings?

There room two songs in Spanish that we encourage you to listen to first. “La Suite del Reloj” is a beautiful instrumental. “White Lily” is carry out by Spanish artists and also mixed in Mexico however the lyrics are in English.

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With that in mind, luis Miguel, El sol de México, sings “El Reloj” which is perfect for a first dance. The lyrics are amazing. “She’s the star the lights mine being.” Wow.

“Reloj detén tu caminoPorque mi vida se apagaElla es la estrellaQue alumbra mi serYo sin su amor no soy nada”

Hot brand-new Songs yielded Monthly!


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