I’m constantly on the lookout for new products that taste great and space nutritious and easy. Here’s a look at eight the my recent finds.

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Nature Valley"s brand-new protein bar is a far more nutritious option than its grabarisalcity.org bar.

These assets are relatively new, so if friend don’t see them in ~ your local grocery, questioning your save manager to carry them.

South Beach enjoy the meal Bars and also Protein Fit cereal Bars

Big news, south Beach fans. This bars are earlier on shelves after ~ a short hiatus. The meal Bars (in chocolate and chocolate peanut butter) and also Protein Fit grain Bars (in chocolate, peanut butter, and also cinnamon raisin) have long been amongst my favourite grocery-store nutrition bars, in component because each has much more protein 보다 sugar (with 12 grams that protein every 180-calorie meal bar and 9 grams the protein per 140-calorie Protein Fit grain bar).

And if the flavors might look the same as the now-discontinued Kraft-branded south Beach living bars, one significant difference is that, unlike the initial line, which had sucralose (Splenda) and/or maltitol, this brand-new line of south Beach Diet bars boasts no synthetic sweeteners, seasonings or sugar alcohols.

Nature valley Protein Bar

Nature valley grabarisalcity.org bars may be made with “100 percent natural” ingredients, however with 11 to 15 grams that sugar and a mere 2 come 5 grams that protein per serving, I’ve usually only encourage these commodities to people who can use the extra sugary carbs, choose athletes engaged in expanded endurance exercise. That’s changed, thanks to the introduction of Nature Valley’s Protein Chewy bar, with 10 grams of protein and just 6 grams the sugar per 190-calorie bar. We have actually two odor options (Peanut, Almond & Dark Chocolate and also Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate), and fingers overcome that much more flavors hit the shelves soon.

Life choice Protein Bar

A couple of things set these protein bars personally from others with similar nutritional stats: for starters, it’s rare that a bar through this high of a protein-to-sugar ratio (20-21 grams the protein and also 7-8 grams the sugar per 190-210 calorie bar) doesn’t contain synthetic sweeteners or street alcohols, which deserve to wreak havoc on the cradle system. The 2nd point the differentiation is price. This Walmart-exclusive protein bar is $3.68 for a crate of 5 bars, or74 cent per bar – a bargain contrasted to the $1.69 to $3 or an ext that’s typical for a comparable protein bar. Careful, though: It’s just the Life selection Protein bars that are my faves. The brand’sMeal bars, well-being bars, and also Energy bars have much more sugar and less protein.

Oikos Greek Yogurt, in Chocolate and Caramel

Even if you don’t usually love Greek yogurt, you’ve gotta shot these two flavors by Oikos. V the thick ribbon of chocolate or caramel stirred through, castle creamy and sweet – much more like pudding than Greek yogurt. Their sugar-to-protein proportion is greater than ns usually choose (16 grams the sugar and also 10 grams of protein per 110-calorie carton), so consider these a dessert or sweet-treat alternative, not so lot a breakfast or a snack that you’re relying on to sustain you for hours.

Chef Paul Prudhomme’s No Salt & No street Magic Seasoning Blends

Bold flavors, in your ar made, v no salt, sugar, MSG, or preservatives. … What more can we ask for in a seasoning blend? This latest enhancement to the Magic Seasoning Blends lineup is easily accessible in 5 gluten-free varieties: six Spice, 7 Herb, Toasted Onion & Garlic, Lemon & Cracked Pepper, and also Sweet & Spicy. Every one of them make it simple to add a beat of smell to her favorite foods without ratcheting increase the salt or sugar.

Morningstar ranches Veggie Meatballs

There’s no doubt that it’s best to make your very own meatballs from scratch with extra-lean floor beef (or floor turkey or chicken breast), however not everyone has the time, or wants to make the time. Frozen meatballs are typically loaded with calories and also saturated fat. Enter Morningstar ranches Veggie Meatballs. Ounce for ounce, they have actually 40 percent fewer calories and 95 percent less saturated fat compared to popular frozen meatballs. And, unlike part meat substitutes, these veggie meatballs no loaded with starchy fillers. Afive-meatball serving has actually 15 grams the protein with just 7 grams of (fiber-rich) carbohydrates.

NOW foods items Hot Cocoa

For years, the only alternatives for lower-calorie warm cocoa have actually been to usage artificially sweetened mixes or to do one from scrape with cocoa powder, milk and also a low-cal sweetener the choice. So ns was dazzling to discover NOW Foods’ hot cocoa mix. That sweetened v stevia, a herbal plant-based sweetener, and has just 35 calories and also 4 grams of street (from herbal milk sugars) per serving.

Chick-Fil-A Grilled Chicken Nuggets

Fast food is never ever something that tops my perform of “diet-do’s,” but I was happy to view a drive-thru kids’ menu that extends past fried chicken nuggets and also hamburgers ~ above white buns.

Every four-piece serving of Chick-Fil-A’s Grilled Chicken Nuggets has 80 calories, 1 gram the fat and zero carbs, contrasted to 130 calories, 6 grams that fat and also 5.5 grams of carbs for 4 of their fried nuggets. Plus, this grilled nuggets space made with real boneless, skinless chicken breasts, not pieces and parts pressed together in the shape of a nugget.

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And who says they’re simply for kids? Adults, if you need to swing with the drive-thru in a pinch, nothing let the reality that these nuggets are provided on the kids’ food selection stop you – yet you might need a dual order.

Molly Kimball is a registered dietitian in brand-new Orleans. She have the right to be got to at eatingright