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Common problems with Sony Walkman MP3 players incorporate the device freezing, revolution or various other noise playing in the elevator of your files, records not playing, the an equipment not transforming on or being known by a computer, and also more. Use troubleshooting to home in top top your specific problem and resolve the on your very own without having to send it back to Sony or take it to a fix person.


Sony Walkman MP3 Player is Frozen

You may have accidentally slid the device's Hold switch into the on position, making the so the an equipment won't respond as soon as you press any type of buttons. The Hold switch is generally located on the right side that Sony MP3 players, yet may be located elsewhere on the device. Check the manual for your maker to check out where your Hold switch is located and also what the On and also Off positions space for that button.If the Sony Walkman MP3 has recent been exposed to an area with hefty moisture or has recently acquired wet, girlfriend may likewise experience this problem. The finest thing you have the right to do is power the maker down and leave it off for at least a few hours. Operating the an equipment while there is condensation within of that can destroy the electrical materials inside that the device, possibly rendering your maker non-operational. ~ you feeling the Sony Walkman MP3 player is dry, power it earlier on and resume operation. If possible, it's best to leaving the an equipment off because that a day prior to attempting to run it.If your Sony Walkman MP3 player is not responding while it's connected to a computer, this is normal. You need to disconnect the machine from the computer system it's connected to prior to you deserve to resume utilizing the MP3 player.

You hear Noise or Static, or one Audio document Doesn't play Correctly

The Sony Walkman MP3 player might be close to a machine that sends out or obtain some type of signal, such together a baby monitor, cell phone, cordless phone, wireless router or a organize of other devices. Revolve off or relocate away from these devices to try resolving this problem.The document that you're hearne to may be a damaged file. Shot listening come the record on the computer to check out if the paper plays properly on there. If you converted the document before moving it to the Sony Walkman MP3 player, examine the source paper to make certain it plays correctly and then try re-converting the file. If the paper doesn't convert correctly again, shot converting the file using one more program.Your MP3 player may not assistance the form of file you're trying to play. Typical audio styles supported through the Sony Walkman MP3 player incorporate MP3, WMA and also AAC. However, supported document types can vary from machine to an equipment and from variation to version. As a result, inspect the manual linked with your player because that a list of supported paper types.The headphones you're using might be damaged. Shot using a different collection of headphones to watch if this resolves the problem. Alternatively, check your Walkman's headphone jack to make certain it's no filled v dirt or debris, and also to make certain it isn't physically damaged.

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Sony Walkman MP3 Won't charge or Won't turn On

Ensure that you're making use of the USB cable the came v your Sony Walkman MP3 player. Just because one more USB charging cable connects snugly to the device doesn't typical it will actually charge the device. Alternatively, if you're using a third-party charging cable, examine the specifications associated with the cable come make sure it will job-related with your particular device.If you're Sony Walkman MP3 player is associated to a computer and also won't charge, try disconnecting or transforming off other USB devices associated to the computer. Your computer's USB root hub have the right to only calculation so much power, and also if other tools are using every one of that power, the source hub won't have any type of power left to fee your linked MP3 player.Ensure the Sony Walkman MP3 player is linked to a high-power USB port and not a low-power USB port. High-power USB ports are located straight on computer towers and through utilizing an AC-to-USB adapter. Low-power USB ports often include those located on your computer systems monitor or keyboard, or in various other places, such as on desktop phones.The charging cable you're using may be defective. Shot using a various charging cable to watch if that's the problem.

Data deliver Problems

Data you assumed you effectively transferred to the Sony Walkman MP3 player may not have transferred as a result of one error or the cable coming to be accidentally disconnected throughout the transfer. Try transferring the data to her MP3 player again.The data may have transferred to your Walkman MP3 player, however the data may not have been in a supported format. Check the list of formats your machine supports to see if this is the problem. If the file isn't in a sustained format, think about using free conversion programs such together Any video Converter or any Audio Converter to convert your file to a supported format.

Sony Walkman MP3 Player Not known by Computer

If the Sony Walkman MP3 player battery is low, wait at least one minute because that the computer system to acknowledge the player. This happens due to the fact that the player's battery requirements to achieve a minimum charge prior to the computer recognizes it.Try connecting the an equipment to a different USB port. The harbor you're using may be damaged or defective.Try shutting down other programs that are running. The best way to ensure other programs aren't interfering through the Sony Walkman MP3 player being known is come reboot the computer and then attach the MP3 player come the computer instantly after the operating device loads. If the computer still doesn't acknowledge the MP3 player, try other troubleshooting techniques.

Questions & Answers

Question: mine mp3 player is repetitively "creating library," and it won't protect against loading. How deserve to I fix this?

Answer: If you're using an SD card, ns would start by rebuilding the contents library. Sony has actually an post on that here:

If the doesn't work, try resetting the factory settings.

Question: after ~ charging mine JBL speaker, why go it present that the an equipment is no charged?

Answer: That's just exactly how JBL Bluetooth speaker work. ~ the maker is totally charged, all of the charging indicator lights walk off.

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Tim Garrett on august 15, 2019:

My mp3 wont go thru every the song in the all songs section. It stops at "C"

Luz María Culebro Sánchez on might 28, 2019:

My computer does not identify my Walkman. Everything works top top it and it's totally charged. I've tried it on different USB ports. I've looked all over for a solution and I'm really exhausted of listening come the very same old music. I'm walk to obtain some contactb cleaner and try to clean the cable connectors though i dont think that will perform it. I simply need part anyway. Ns think it's a solftware difficulty matbe but I dont understand if I can download a new driver. Aid Please!

Leri top top April 08, 2019:

My Sony Walkman keeps repeating each song, how do I protect against this?

Ivan on respectable 17, 2018:

My Walkman is nwz-b135f. Once I charge it the went crazy. The display constantly flicker and also it reflects walkman logo. Have the right to anybody help me? I've do the efforts the pen reset method, it's useless!

Twinkle on in march 19, 2018:

Dropped MP3 player in swimming pool for around 3 secs . Will not work

Marissa top top January 13, 2018:

I've had actually my Mp3 because that a couple of years now, and it isn't frequently it it s okay fuzzy or has trouble working. Last night ns left that charging on my computer, also after the battery stated full and also now that won't rotate on. Ns hadn't supplied it at all this particular day after leave it to charge. I've tried plugging it earlier in to acquire a solution but naught is functioning so far. Has actually anyone else had actually this trouble before, and is there anything I have the right to do w/o having actually to reset? i have details music records on mine MP3 that i can't uncover or to buy anymore.

elaine on December 09, 2017:

after clicking the mp3 download ns am told the thisXML record does no have any type of style info

Tresha top top November 13, 2017:

I plugged mine MP3 player right into an exterior mini speaker but it did not play. Once I removed the player, it does not come on. If I placed it right into my PC, I watch the player is charging but if I remove it and try switching it on, it does no come on. You re welcome help.

Flade on October 09, 2017:

My Sony MP3 player stopped being well-known by my computer. That doesnt present up anywhere on over there so that i can connect with it and download new music or delete ingredient etc... The trouble isn't the USB port or the driver or any other software application issue. I've do the efforts it all 10 various ways. I've finally pertained to think the the problem is in the cable connection on the MP3 side. I read somewhere that the MP3 player will charge using only 2 pins but to affix to and interact through a computer it needs 4 pins. So, I'm walking to shot a brand-new cable and also see what happens.

Halila H top top October 06, 2017:

07 Oct 2017

On 25th September 2017, ns bought Sony Walkman NWZ-B183F/R 4GB USB MP3 Player.

I only used this item 2 times. ~ that, the article is not functioning which ns cant even turn on the item eventhough the battery is full! you re welcome help!

Iko2k top top September 27, 2017:

My Sony nw-a26hn mp3 player has battery problems. That won't closeup of the door off. Even if ns pause a song and also then host the pwr-off button. A main later, my battery is rock dead. As soon as I plugged the in again, it took a few minutes because that the screen to display it was charging. Any type of ideas ~ above what come do?

Glenn ~ above September 27, 2017:

My nw-a26hn mp3 player will certainly not close up door off even when i pause what's playing and also then hit the pwr-off button. Sleep mode does not seem to occupational either. I last totally charged the player a week ago, paused a song, struggle the pwr-off & a mainly later, that is fully dead. It take it a couple of minutes for the player to present it to be charging after i plugged that in.

Joe on respectable 20, 2017:

My sony mp3 player wont turn on even when totally charged

SURRESH LAL SHRESTHA on august 12, 2017:

I HAVE acquired THE SONY DIGITAL MEDIA PLAYER E438F while POWERING on ITS shows THE logo THEN automatically IT will certainly CLOSE those THE REASON....

Flade on respectable 12, 2017:

My computer does not identify my Walkman. Every little thing works ~ above it and also it's completely charged. I've tried the on various USB ports. I've looked all over for a solution and also I'm really tired of listening to the exact same old music. I'm walk to get some contactb cleaner and shot to clean the cable connectors though ns dont think the will do it. I just need part anyway. Ns think it's a solftware problem matbe but I dont understand if I can download a brand-new driver. Help Please!

Clive on July 29, 2017:

My monitor plays about fifty percent way with then fades out and starts playing following track

gwynneth jones top top July 19, 2017:

didn't watch my inquiry my mp3 buffers for a while then goes off Its fully charged and doesn't get to any kind of options

Matthew perez ~ above July 15, 2017:

I was making use of my sony nwz-e384 mp3 till it quit working it had actually troubleshooting and also it won't revolve on in ~ all.

Michael indigenous Chicago area top top July 12, 2017:

My NWA26HN keeps crashing my computer. Like, plug in, blue display of death immediately.

Werner top top June 25, 2017:

My A25 acquired wet. Everytime it desires to power under after inactivity the starts again. The display screen lights up and also drains the battery. As soon as I press the "Power Off" button it states it's powering down however it's back up after only two seconds or so.

Selvam SELVAM on June 16, 2017:

No power on

nwz-b 152f no power on

Selvam SELVAM top top June 15, 2017:

no strength on

Derp ~ above June 08, 2017:

My Walkman states it charges and also it goes on it rotates the battery signal claims Full. Ns plug it in and the player will last for a hard 2-3 minutes. Ns am utilizing a cable that did not come in the packaging, and an Apple iphone phone port/outlet thingamabobber. Is the the cable, the battery, or the circumstances?

EB top top June 01, 2017:

Walkman mp3 says "Connected USB (MTP) The player can not be operated" If ns reset it, go the data (music) obtain erased?

Darrell Powell on may 11, 2017:


Ralf on may 03, 2017:

I have actually a Sony NWZ-A17 i turn it off then after a if it lamp on again with the post "power off" and goes on and also on uneven i play some music. Before stayed off, period, currently is draining the battery by doing this. Have the right to you aid me please.

unknown top top April 07, 2017:

I recently downloaded some images in mine walkman. However 2 that them walk not appear in the screen .What should I do?

Timw on in march 28, 2017:

Hi i dropped mine Sony nwz a865 player in the bath for a few seconds. It it stuck on hold now also after reset and also months of being left come dry. The menu screen is through the yellow host icon flashing. Slide the hold switch has no effect. Any kind of suggestions

daniel on march 26, 2017:

sony e394 shows fully chargd in fifty percent n hour

Bridget on march 19, 2017:

hi i kind of have the exact same problem. When i turn on mine sony walkman it claims its top top hold yet when i examine its not. Ns tried reseting it but that doesnt settle the problem

Ashley on march 17, 2017:

Hello, my trouble is that my computer does not recognize the Walkman nor is mine Walkman charging; I've review all the tips you've applied but none it seems to be ~ to it is in working. I suppose it's simply time I acquire a new one? Only newly I had this issue - 2 nights ago. I've never ever encountered the before. Nothing out of the means I treat mine Walkman had actually changed, though i wonder if the had gained magnetic interference some how? perform you have any other tips or have to I just obtain a new device?

Ezinour on in march 06, 2017:

hi , i have actually the exact same mp3 together Deltarame , a NWZ-B183F , and i am also having the same problem , my walkman cannot even turn ~ above (even once charging or plug in) many of the times when i try to plugin the pc , it says this device is malfunctioneds , but rarely , the is able to identify it , so i let that charge reasoning the trouble was the USB , but when i eliminated it , it claims Updating Library (the buffer was frozen) then a few seconds later , the turned off. You re welcome help

shenaz jaunbocus on February 23, 2017:

hi mine mp3 sony is not functioning i have actually put it to fee .normally the style battery is prefer running meaning like loading however after a few minutes it stopped and i am no able to revolve off together it is clogged saying charging also thought that not.

please aid me many thanks in advance

Anushi arora on February 19, 2017:

I transferred songs from mine laptop to mine sony nwz-b183f. ~ the carry was complete, ns dosconnected it amd clicked top top the play button. The buffering sogn to be rotating and updating library was written yet just ~ a second or two, it froze, the same contents are proved on the screen yet the buffer authorize is no rotating. I tried restarting and also formatting. After ~ formatting it worked properly, but the same difficulty occured when i moved some song in it.

nick ~ above February 10, 2017:

My sony nwz-e384 got accidently put in the laundry wash. ~ a couple of day it started working, yet the screen screen in an extremely faint with light glowing on it. Mine guess the screen earlier light walk out.

yasir on February 06, 2017:

helloo... Have the right to anyone help me out, my NWZ273 volume goes down sudenly as soon as on volume full background noise can listen. Please help out

Deltarame ~ above January 14, 2017:

I'm having a problem similar to an older comment. I have actually the NWZ-B183F Model, and also though I've provided it before, it won't turn on at every anymore. I've make the efforts several various USB ports, including a WiiU Port, a TV Port, a MAC Port and also an outlet port, yet the display screen doesn't show anything also if it's plugged in. It's to be plugged in for about an hour now and still nothing. Any ideas?

Maria top top January 09, 2017:

i have a sony walkman nwz-b142f the has worked perfectly because that years, now i to be transfering some brand-new songs come it and every one of a sudden in middle of deliver my computer stopped recognizing it, i tried unplugging the usb and plugging it again and nothing i tried to rotate it turn off while unplugged from mine computer and also the display screen only proved the indigenous walkman and also the loading dots (stand by) and also only maintained loading the dots and also never rotate on, ns tried utilizing the reset button and transforming it ~ above again and same point happened, now the machine manager in my computer system only shows a mtp maker connected but shows the warning sign(yellow triangle v a !) top top it and also says that "requires more installation"? i tried to run the choice in my computer system that states 'controller update search' and it claims the latest variation of the controller is already installed however srill the record explorer in my computer system won't recognize it! I'm desperate i don't know what else to carry out please assist I don't wanna need to discard mine walkman ns love it, and I don't care if my computer can't acknowledge it I just want the to have the ability to turn ~ above again and use it!

Drishya top top January 06, 2017:

Hi Max,

I have a Walkman NWZ-e384 i m sorry is Irresponsible Nowadays.

Other buttons work completely normal but the option switch doesn't work-related .

Due to the I'am facing various problems

kota on November 25, 2016:

I have actually a Sony Walkman MP3 digital media player. When I pause my audiobook, I desire to have the ability to resume mine listening where I left off. Now when ns pause, I shed where i was before I left it. How can I execute this ?

Era on November 12, 2016:

I have actually pressed poweroff button of my sony walkman version NWZ B142F when on hold.. And now it has actually been frozen. I have left that for around 3 weeks currently to drainpipe the battery yet it doesn't aided me. ~ connecting to laptop it's not working still. What to carry out next?

AS ~ above October 21, 2016:

Hi, I have actually a Sony mp3 design nwz-e354 the doesn't desire to charge. I had the initial charging usb cable but every one of the sudden it stopped working. Currently my battery is dead plus ns waited too lengthy to purchase a new charger. It been dead for around 4 months or even more. Ns tried resetting the player however nothing happens.

Jo ~ above October 08, 2016:

The shuffle duty isn't functioning on my NW-E394 player, it simply keeps shuffling through the exact same tracks in the exact same sequence quite than being arbitrarily each time.

Max Dalton (author) from greater St. Louis, Missouri ~ above October 07, 2016:

Did you host the Power button down?

Max Dalton (author) from higher St. Louis, Missouri top top October 07, 2016:

Did you try a hard reset?

Omna ~ above October 05, 2016:

My iPod has actually frozen. Ns turned the off and it's frozen on the power off display for around an hour now . Ns tried connecting it to my laptop ,it didn't work. Please help!

h ~ above October 04, 2016:

my walkman froze

Max Dalton (author) from better St. Louis, Missouri ~ above September 13, 2016:

Is there a software update available? If so, please try installing it.

RY on respectable 09, 2016:

Brand brand-new Sony Walkman MP3 states connecting usb n occasionally says to update library then looks to me choose it crashes unplug the from laptop it then simply goes empty like it died it is brand new and has not left my table I have downloaded song to this but will not role when disconnected native laptop

Max Dalton (author) from better St. Louis, Missouri top top June 28, 2016:

I'd recommend completely charging it best out the the box.

ezt maples on might 17, 2016:

when mine mp3 player is fully charge and is in the off mode the the battery keeps draining down, ns recharge it unplug it and also make certain it is revolve off , I rotate it earlier on in 2 or 3 job later and it is drainpipe down again this has actually been walking on for 2 or 3 weeks, be for that it was working fine,

Gautam ~ above April 22, 2016:

Hey Dan.

Just unboxed my new Sony nwz-b183f mp3 player. The wasnt turning on when I pressed the beat button, so ns assumed that was out of battery. For this reason I decided to recharge the MP3 player. It has been end 30 minutes now, i still can't turn on the player.

Please HELP!!! I have actually used ahead versions that sony mp3 player. Gibberish run right into such situations prior to on those old models.

Max Dalton (author) from better St. Louis, Missouri top top February 03, 2016:

It won't turn on at all? even while connected to the charger? have actually you ever been may be to revolve it on?

shawreenia ~ above January 21, 2016:

hey I have just gained this sony mp3 player because that my 16th birthday this previous November and also I cant get it to revolve on I have actually tried every thing and also it still no trun ~ above I require someone that nows just how to occupational these mp3 players to assist thanks

frank top top November 20, 2015:

i plugged mine walkman mp3player right into my wiiu and also now it simply keeps top top loading at any time i rotate it on please respond soon!

alex on November 20, 2015:

i plugged my walkman mp3player to mine wiiu and now when it turns on it just keeps on loading

Reyagg on might 03, 2015:

I have actually an sd card on mine walkman. My computer recognizes the sd card, but not the walkman. I even removed the sd card, but the walkman is still no recognized.

Gary on may 01, 2015:

I like to hear to audio books on mine MP3 player, as soon as I use it the next day it shows the menu screen and also I had actually the hold button on. Ns can't seem to hold it wherein I left off. I have a Sony NWZ 475.

Gary ~ above November 10, 2014:

could anyone call me why there is the number 2 and lines beside it coming up top top the bottom of the screen on my MP3 player

Mark ~ above September 03, 2014:

Sometimes mine MP3 player will randomly pause, go back to the menu, or skip to the next song without me also touching a button. Periodically when ever i try to turn up the volume the doesn't perform anything.

daniel top top April 04, 2014:

Here's a concern : mine Sony mp3 player as soon as I revolve it top top it occasionally randomly restarts it's me e.g it transforms it's self off then starts up again, is there a means to that from happening ?

Ashok ~ above February 08, 2014:


my mp3 player doesn't turn on, but it fees if connected to the usb and document transfer is additionally possible. If inserted gradually into the USB it turns on and also then functions fine while over there for some time and also then goes come charging mode.

Model - sony nwz-b173f

Christopher Pao on December 07, 2013:

My Sony Digital Media Player NWZ-E453 got trouble after i restore again. Now even tune to FM radio additionally no sound in ~ all, even the pre-store songs together well. The moment is running yet funny thing is: no sound. Help!

Caesar top top November 13, 2013:

I have actually a walkman NWZ-E464, my computer system wont identify it many of the time and the time it does it just stas for half a minute which gives me no time to introduce music :/, i´ve tried updating the vehicle drivers and an altering form usb port, it does obtain charged so i don't think it is the cable

Cindy ~ above June 22, 2013:

My MP3 plays however it's favor listening come a 45 rpm at just 33...can you help?

Abhishek Singh ~ above April 01, 2013:

when i turn on mine mp3 walkman it screens walkman and turn off .Please help

Eamo on march 29, 2013:

Hi, my MP3 player is recognised by mine laptop when I plug that in. Yet on the actual screen of the MP3 player the keeps speak 'Connecting' yet never actually connects so i can't move music come it now. Mine MP3 is a Sony NW-A1200, any ideas?

dionne on October 31, 2012:

my walkman NWZ-E354 use to stay completely charged as much as at least 40-50 hours when i obtained it yet now once i have actually it on because that at least an hour the battery go down also when i have it charged for alteast 3 days strait the still goes under in at the very least 30 minutes to an hour. Is this a trouble or do i just need a brand-new walkman altogether

beauty ~ above October 29, 2012:

my walkman NWZ-E453 is no displaying any kind of song or video when conneted to my computer, it mirrors 0 item when conneted but when the is disconnet my all songs are there in mine walkman. I tried the reset button however is no helping..i am no able to remove or include any songs!

priyesh on respectable 23, 2012:

I've only had actually my Walkman NWZ-w-202 and all of a sudden, at any time I affix it to mine computer, the charging display screen comes on, however the battery doesn't "flow" (if you want to call it that :P) and my computer completely and completely doesn't acknowledge it. I've tried everything on here, yet it's quiet the same.

ALC on august 10, 2012:

I gained a NWZ-E364 for my date of birth a few months ago, and also a mainly or so earlier it accidentally got wet while i was listening to it. That froze up and moved at a snail's pace, however now it cases that the "hold" switch is in use; I've tried turning it on with both the hold button on and off, but it's quiet claiming the the hold button is on. My computer system recognizes the device, and I can still deliver stuff to it, however the reset switch isn't helping and also I'm afraid I'm past the 90 work warranty. Any type of ideas?

I have actually a NWZ-E453 and when i attach it to the computer its not recognize.........please help, i guess the battery is drained cause i didn't usage it for a mainly or so.

johny on July 25, 2012:

this walkman i have wount rotate on fully it keeps shutting down when i try 2 turn it top top it just says producing library and it shuts down it's a NWZ-E438F

Ruby top top July 03, 2012:

My Sony NWZ-A845 does no switch off. Any ideas?

Max Dalton (author) from better St. Louis, Missouri top top June 24, 2012:

Did you leaving it exposed to extremely hot or cold problems for too long? Did the suffer an extreme shock lately? It's ideal if you call Sony and see if you're still in ~ the manufacturer's warranty. If that is, they have to replace it.

Chris on June 24, 2012:

Hi, mine Sony Walkman transforms on yet when I press the buttons it no respond in ~ all, and also no ns haven't acquired it wet at all and its been sitting ~ above my desk the entire time, functioned fine a couple of days ago

Hi Izzie,

That sounds prefer the type of point you need to contact the manufacturer about. Sorry. Perhaps you deserve to still exchange it?



Izzie ~ above April 15, 2012:

My Sony Walkman hasn't been transforming on for quite a while. I've make the efforts charging it to watch if the battery to be dead, and also it said it to be charging and full, yet when i tried taking it out, the turned off and I couldn't rotate it on. I have actually tried restarting it, and everything yet it still won't work...

Max Dalton (author) from better St. Louis, Missouri on April 08, 2012:

Hi JJohn,

I would shot uninstalling the motorists for the player, restarting your computer and also then reconnecting the Walkman come reinstall the drivers. Silly together it sounds, that may work.



Max Dalton (author) from higher St. Louis, Missouri top top April 08, 2012:

Hi Karl,

Try forcing the Walkman to restart after ~ you attach it to the computer. If the doesn't work, try restarting the computer system with the maker connected. If that doesn't work, try disconnecting other USB devices associated to the computer that aren't necessary, restart the computer and shot connecting the Walkman. If the still doesn't occupational after that, I hate to speak it, however contact Sony. What form of computer are girlfriend using?



JJohn top top April 07, 2012:

My Sony walkman will connect with usb and also it will charge but i can't open up it or include any more songs to the mp3 player.

Karl Dabalos on April 05, 2012:

I've only had actually my Walkman NWZ-E364 for just two month and every one of a sudden, whenever I affix it to my computer, the charging screen comes on, yet the battery doesn't "flow" (if you desire to speak to it the :P) and also my computer completely and entirely doesn't identify it. I've tried whatever on here, but it's quiet the same.

Max Dalton (author) from greater St. Louis, Missouri ~ above April 04, 2012:

Hi mark,

How long have actually you had actually it? Yes, i think it's safe to shot a low-level format, and I doubt that's the best way to resolve your issue. If that doesn't work, you're more than likely right in your assumption that the internal contents have gone negative over time.



mark on march 30, 2012:

hi max,my walkman is a E453 malay it to be purchace in nz there is no a many info around these models yet saying the it will certainly only occupational intermittently together a mtp and also the same as usb msd im beginning to think the chip may be walking on me is it ok to short level style the maker as i have tried every thing on the net likewise it will certainly take a paper (mp3 in the ideal format and also only beat a tiny bit that it at the begin then to speak no songs obtainable for beat back,thanks for her help.

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Max Dalton (author) from better St. Louis, Missouri on in march 08, 2012:

Hi Cindy,

Are you connecting the device to a computer? What message is coming?


Cindy on march 08, 2012:

Im trying to charge and when i plug that in the blog post come.Connected usb the timer and also alarm will become invalid ...and ns won't charge