Six songs the relate to Romeo and also Juliet are "Close to You" by the Carpenters, "I desire to host Your Hand" by the Beatles, "Sweet Thames circulation Softly" through Ewan MacColl, "Star Crossed" through Scary youngsters Scaring Kids, "Wonderful World" through Sam Cooke, and "Almost Lover" by A well Frenzy.

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i couldn"t resist. Also if it ends badly because that the lovers, Romeo and Juliet brings a track to the heart. Every time I review it, tune lyrics float v my mind. So let"s go:

Absolutely, the number one Romeo and Juliet tune is "Close come You" by The Carpenters:...

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I couldn"t resist. Even if it ends badly for the lovers, Romeo and also Juliet brings a tune to the heart. Every time I review it, track lyrics float with my mind. For this reason let"s go:

Absolutely, the number one Romeo and also Juliet song is "Close come You" by The Carpenters: "Why do birds suddenly appear / every time friend are close to ... Why do stars autumn down native the sky ... Just like me, they want to be, close come you." the sounds like what Romeo claims at the balcony when he notes the Juliet"s brilliance would make the birds think it is morning and start come sing.

The remainder come in a arbitrarily order:

"You space So Beautiful come Me" through Joe Cocker: "You"re whatever I hope for / You"re every little thing I need." They believe they complete each other. Completely.

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"If I could Save Time in a Bottle" by Jim Croce. Yes, if they might save time in a bottle, castle would spend every minute with each other.

Sam Cooke"s "Wonderful World": ns can conveniently envision Romeo telling Juliet he doesn"t recognize much around geography, "But I recognize that ns love friend ... What a wonderful human being this might be."

"I want to hold Your Hand" by the Beatles: "When ns touch you ns feel happy inside."

"In mine Life," by the Beatles. Both Romeo and also Juliet love the people and places they used to know, like Mercutio and also Tybalt, however nothing compares to your love for each other: "I love you more."