Teenage discos in Ireland were, and probably tho are, a strange specimen. A mixture that hormones, sweat and terrible do the efforts at face hair, they brought with castle a subculture every one of their own.

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Central to the subculture was really really shit dance music. The kind of run music the was therefore shit the it was in reality unbelievably good. Here"s a tiny trip under memory lane....

1. Scooter - The logical Song

Scoootaaaaaaaa .... Are YOU READY!

Yes, we were ready. Too ready! The man characterized an era. What to be he ~ above about? that knows? however when Scooter came on, a disco"s cumulative shit to be lost.;

2. DJ Sammy - Heaven

The mid-2000s to be filled through dance remixes the old, homely songs. Eric Clapton"s heaven did no escape this butchering, v DJ Sammy prove on much more than chance that he/she was the king/queen the teenage discos.


3. Distinct D - Come through Me

With a video clip featuring snakes, nurses and also lads top top skateboards, unique D to be destined to be an international superstars. I still have no bloody clue whats going on yet let"s not get distracted by sense.

4. Cascada - Everytime we Touch

Cascada identified the 2000s teenage disco. I might have picked any kind of of her 204 songs however in Everytime we Touch ns think we"re remembering the pièce de résistance.

6. The Underdog job - Summer Jam

Summer Jam actually very first came to prominence means back in 2003 but enjoyed a lengthy stay that relevance because that nearly every one of the 2000s. If this post is an gallery of impeccable functions of art then Summer Jam may just be the Mona Lisa.

7. Ultrabeat - Pretty green Eyes

Did you recognize that civilization with pretty eco-friendly eyes never have to be alone? Me neither. By listening come Ultrabeat us were having actually a great time and also learning.

8. Ian van Dahl - Castles in the Sky

Another song from the revolve of the millennium that had an excellent staying power. If anyone important is building a castle in the sky then I have no doubt that Ian valve Dahl will certainly be their first guest.

9. Basshunter - now You"re Gone

This was pretty much played ~ above loop on every tv music channel in ~ the time. God anyone was having so much fun, transforming clothes, bopping along in dare and sending texts. And also in the center of all that? A love story for the ages.

10. Alex Gaudino feat decision Waters - destination Calabria (HD)

This was much more a so late 2000s entry. A really strange video clip but a song that was large nonetheless.

11. Darude - Sandstorm

Darude"s variation of Sandstorm has actually been roughly since God was a boy yet that tho didn"t protect against it from gift a substantial hit at teenage discos back in the early on noughties.

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There to be no words since who needs words once your head is about to loss off from going bloody nuts top top the dancefloor?

12. Klubbhoppers - girlfriend Joe

Did friend think we had actually forgotten it? Of course not! We conserved the biggest tune because that last. Buddy Joe - or Bobby Joe as most know it - was indeed the greatest teenage disco track in Ireland in ~ the time. Why? that knows however I can guarantee it will certainly be grounding in your head all day now.

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