A small grandmother’s indulgence in this blog, the sixth of #mysongscapes that winter 2020. I create this also in memory of my very own paternal grandmother, my “nanny”, v whom I had a special connection throughout the 30-plus year of our resides that us shared.

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In the 1960s, as folk music walk mainstream, there were songs that i learned together a teenager that continued to be with me transparent life. One in particular, ‘Today’, a favourite sung by john Denver, ended up being a lullaby ns sang come my own kids. In fact, my daughter also sang this track at the campfire in her years as a camper, climate a counsellor, in ~ summer camp. I check out the lyrics together a kind of basic carpe diem – those flower won’t critical forever, for this reason seize the day, the relationship, the moment we have. Together psychologist Dr. Judith Rich claimed of the song’s lyrics in one essay on Huffington post, “Here’s the single certainty every human being being has actually to pertained to terms with. We each have a life. And every life has an expiration date. But unlike so plenty of of the commodities we buy, ours expiration date does no come stamped on our foreheads. The person conundrum is living through the understanding that our expiration day will surely concerned pass, yet we perform not know when we’ll arrive at the appointed hour.” So as soon as my very first grandchild Emma come along, i sang the tune to her, too. I think it have to be true the your first grandchild has actually a special place in her heart. She the first one come make her heart swell with love, the very first one to remind you of the one of life and the generations that stand one atop the other. She the one that combines the features of your very own child and also her favored one.

All 3 of mine grandkids have had a story read to them and also a track sung to them every night of their lives. The an initial time I placed my nephew to bed ~ above my very own I pulled the end my whole lullaby repertoire and went through rather a few before her eyes began to close. And I’m therefore happy currently that I put my camera on top of she dresser the evening five years ago, due to the fact that those tiny flowers don’t continue to be on those vines forever. The 14-month old is currently in very first grade, reading all the books she can get her hand on and also learning exactly how to pat chess and also hanging out through her 2 brothers.


Here space the lyrics to Randy Spark’s beautiful 1964 song, created for The new Christy Minstrels.

TODAY, Randy Sparks (1964)

Today, if the flower still cling to the vineI’ll taste your strawberries, I’ll drink your sweet wineA million tomorrows chandelier all happen away‘Ere ns forget every the joy that is mine, today

I’ll be a dandy, and also I’ll be a roverYou’ll understand who i am through the songs that ns singI’ll feast at her table, I’ll sleep in your cloverWho cares what the morrow chandelier bring

Today, while the flower still cling to the vineI’ll taste her strawberries, I’ll drink your sweet wineA million tomorrows chandelier all happen away‘Ere ns forget every the pleasure that is mine, today

I can’t it is in contented with yesterday’s gloryI can’t live on guarantees winter to springToday is mine moment, currently is my storyI’ll laugh and also I’ll cry and also I’ll sing

Today, while the flower still cling to the vineI’ll taste your strawberries, I’ll drink her sweet wineA million tomorrows shall all pass away‘Ere ns forget all the pleasure that is mine, today

Today, if the flower still cling come the vineI’ll taste her strawberries, I’ll drink her sweet wineA million tomorrows chandelier all pass away‘Ere i forget every the delight that is mine, today

And below is man Denver singing it live:

A wonderful thing occurred in respectable 2016, two years later. My nephew Emma, now simply turned 3, had actually learned one more famous man Denver tune from her very own mother, this one composed by that in 1969. It to be a tune that mine daughter and I sang together as soon as she to be a tiny girl and also that mine sister Bonnie sang onstage with my daughter Meredith, below, in ~ a household reunion in 1996.


Here is ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’, carry out with an excellent gusto by Meredith’s daughter Emma, with backup by her mom.

LEAVING on A JET PLANE, john Denver (1966)

All mine bags are packed, I’m prepared to goI’m standin’ here external your doorI dislike to wake you as much as say goodbyeBut the dawn is breakin’, it’s at an early stage mornThe taxi’s waitin’, he’s blowin’ his hornAlready I’m for this reason lonesome I can die

So kiss me and also smile because that meTell me that you’ll wait for meHold me prefer you’ll never ever let me go‘Cause I’m leavin’ ~ above a jet planeDon’t understand when I’ll be back againOh babe, I dislike to go

There’s so plenty of times I’ve let friend downSo many times I’ve play aroundI tell friend now, they don’t mean a thingEvery location I go, I’ll think that youEvery tune I sing, I’ll sing for youWhen i come back,I’ll lug your wedding ring

So kiss me and also smile for meTell me that you’ll wait because that meHold me favor you’ll never ever let me go‘Cause I’m leavin’ top top a jet planeDon’t understand when I’ll be back againOh babe, I dislike to go

Now the moment has come to leave youOne an ext time, let me kiss youThen close your eyes, I’ll it is in on mine wayDream around the days to comeWhen i won’t have to leave aloneAbout the times, ns won’t need to say

Kiss me and also smile for meTell me the you’ll wait because that meHold me choose you’ll never ever let me go‘Cause I’m leavin’ top top a jet planeDon’t recognize when I’ll be earlier againOh babe, I hate to go

But, I’m leavin’ ~ above a jet planeDon’t understand when I’ll be ago againOh babe, I dislike to go 

Though man Denver wrote it (and, skilled pilot that he was, sadly passed away in 1997 as soon as his own little experimental aircraft crashed turn off California), it was Peter, Paul & Mary who made this track famous.



And now, because it’s my blog and I’m the boss of me and also the editor the me, here’s a little album of my first grandchild to go in addition to this sing-song. What nana doesn’t love share a picnic blanket with her granddaughter?

Speaking of tasting strawberries, this to be a very first taste that her other grandmother’s fruitful harvest, the grandmother with the beautiful Alberta farm.

A first birthday, a home-baked cupcake.

It wasn’t constantly easy to store her in one place, yet occasionally we can pose together quietly.

She learned come chat v Siri pretty at an early stage in life.

Books! that girl loved books and also loves them even more, currently that she knows exactly how to read the words and also understand the story.

We had actually a lengthy talk the winter morning over she make-believe fruit and also cheese. What is real? What is pretend?

When she involved visit nana and poppa, the playground at the bottom the the hill was constantly a big draw.

It to be cold that day. We necessary our warm hats.

I was there when mommy and daddy brought home another little brother. He to be so an extremely tiny.

April, and also spring flowers were lastly in bloom. She brought a small bouquet of scilla come nana.

She was 4 years old once nana asked she to pretend come water her garden when she photographed it. (It would have been much better if there to be water in the watering can.)

Another snowy winter day and also she and Oliver do a beautiful snowman in nana and also poppa’s earlier yard.

That fall, once I came to pick she up native school, she wanted to rise to the very top the the bleachers in the park. And also she want me come come increase there with her.

On Lake Muskoka, she and also her brother climbed that rock like billy goats, climate told each various other funny story on top.

Last May, i made her a crown of dandelions, sweet violets and grape hyacinths.

She could not understand it yet, yet she comes from a maternal line of flowery crown wearers.

When ns babysat that late summer day, I said a game of scavenger hunt come her and also her brothers but then i remembered that not everyone knew how to review the clues. Therefore I attracted them… various ones for each grandchild.

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This Christmas, she master the arts of talk to her brother on your brand new two-way radios. “Roger that…. Over and out.”


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