Jennifer Lopez"s brand-new single "On the Floor" is gift criticized for sounding too much like multiple various other artists" songs, including Kat DeLuna. (Weiss for News)

Yet another eagle-eared listener has uncovered similarities in between the luscious Latina"s career-resurrecting track (with rapper Pitbull) and also a previously released song.

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previously this year, us reported that J.Lo"s tune bore some interesting similarities to spain hottie Kat DeLuna"s 2010 single "Party O"Clock," i beg your pardon was created by RedOne, that holds the same honors ~ above Lopez"s fight track.

critical week, Dominique Lord, an combine professor at Texas A&M University, noted in a write-up on the a musical refrain in "On the Floor" bear an uncanny resemblance to the tune "Stereo Love" by Romanian performer and also composer Edward Maya.

and also as Lord, who blogs under the handle "Kanuk," clues out, Maya had actually to give credit to one more composer for lifting the song from him.

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In a post titled "J.Lo"s "On the Floor": Plagiarizing a plagiarized song?" mr writes the after listening to Lopez"s single, "I was surprised to find, appropriate at the 25-sec mark, synthesizer notes that sounded bizarrely familiar."

after listening to the track segment again, the continues, "I certainly knew that tune": Maya"s 2009 worldwide club fight "Stereo Love." lord adds the he wasn"t the just one who"d got to that conclusion. He cites a music reviewer, whom he doesn"t identify, who wrote, "It sounds favor producer RedOne has been listening come Edward Maya"s hit solitary "Stereo Love.""

lord then goes on come recount the history of "Stereo Love," i beg your pardon is amazing in light of the to compare that room being drawn in between "On the Floor" and also DeLuna"s "Party O"Clock." (Lord even links come our first story about the controversy in his blog.)

"According come Mansurov, the refrain of "Stereo Love" to be a copy of a track he written in 1989 titled "Bayatilar."" mr writes that Maya asserted he"d initially heard the haunting accordion tune over the Internet, obtained from it, and when that couldn"t find its originator, credited it to "Anonymous."

Maya ultimately gave Mansurov a "full co-writer"s credit," mr writes, adding: "Score one for the accordion player native Azerbaijan."

Score two, actually, if his song also inspired RedOne or Lopez or both. Spokespersons for Lopez and also RedOne could not be got to for comment by deadline.