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the would have helped if you had told united state which songs you have, however some that the ones that come to mind for me space "Love Story" by Taylor Swift, since it actually mentions Romeo and Juliet , "Let it Be" by The Beatles, since it is a straightforward love...

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It would have actually helped if you had told us which song you have, but some that the persons that pertained to mind for me space "Love Story" by Taylor Swift, because it in reality mentions Romeo and Juliet, "Let the Be" by The Beatles, due to the fact that it is a an easy love song, and also perhaps one I discovered from this list the seemed appropriate "When You to speak Nothing at All" by Allison Krauss.

"Don"t fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult specifically referrals Romeo and also Juliet, noting that the two lovers room "together in eternity." an additional song is "Romeo and Juliet" by mark Knopfler (of Dire Straits), which takes the perspective of Romeo, imagining an different ending come the story in i beg your pardon Juliet opts for another man. The finest song the the bunch, in mine humble opinion, is "Exit Music (for a film)" through Radiohead .It also evokes plenty of of the themes in Romeo and also Juliet, taking the suggest of see of a young guy trying to elope with his lover. I recall reading somewhere the it was created for the soundtrack of the contemporary version that Romeo and also Juliet, but it is ~ above OK Computer.


"I"ve obtained You Babe" through Sonny and Cher. This song is perfect for a pair the "star-crossed lovers."

How about "Check yes, Juliet" by we the Kings? This track is in reality a take on the play, yet has a lot more modern-day feel 보다 "I"ve acquired You Babe," which is admittedly a small cheesy.

Taylor Swift"s "Love Story" likewise alludes come a pair that lovers that sneak away to meet each various other secretly.


there is no being sure what you have actually on her list already, i don"t know if girlfriend have had the rojo Stones" song, "You Can"t constantly Get What friend Want". 

This chorus that this song is all about desiring the impossible, a definite theme of Romeo & Juliet. 

Another idea: "Eight days a Week" by the Beatles. This is a track making a statement about excessive feeling. 


"Love Fool" through the Cardigans. Ns think this track actually is used on the sound track for Baz Luhrmann"s movie version, yet it fits perfectly v Romeo and Juliet"s love-at-first-sight moment. 

"Glad you Came" through The Wanted. This song, through an innuendo that Shakespeare would have actually been proud of, would certainly fit well for the scene once Romeo return to Juliet"s home window to consummate your marriage.

are you feather for particular scenes? as soon as I think that the opened scene, i think that a song called “How carry out I Live without You” through Leann Rimes http://www.lyrics007.com/LeAnn%20Rimes%20Lyrics/How%20Do%20I%20Live%20Without%20You%20Lyrics.html . As soon as Romeo and also Juliet check out each various other at the party and shot to decision if they every return the love, over there is the play-influenced track “Love Story” through Taylor Swift http://www.metrolyrics.com/love-story-lyrics-taylor-swift.html . 

note Knopfler"s "Romeo and Juliet" is specifically around the couple, and also they are likewise mentioned by name in "Don"t are afraid the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult. "Exit Music because that a Film" by Radiohead is another.

I"m more than likely showing my age here, however the first title that popped right into my mind to be a 70"s tune by 10cc dubbed "The points we do for Love." It"s lighthearted and would be an ext amusing than serious, i guess.

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In Romeo and Juliet, what are the differences and also similarities in between the personalities of Romeo and Juliet?

Songs for Romeo and also JulietDoes anyone have any good songs that would certainly fit a theme, character, or plot of Romeo and Juliet.Just speak what theme a song and also the artist please.

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