Poetry ended up being my enthusiasm after I fell in love v Walter de la Mare's "Silver" in Mrs. Edna Pickett's sophomore English course circa 1962.

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Introduction and also Excerpt indigenous "Solitude"

Ella Wheeler Wilcox's "Solitude" plays the end in three riming eight-line stanzas. The poem's theme is a dramatization that the tension between a positive and also a an unfavorable attitude: "For the sad old planet must borrow its mirth, / yet has trouble enough of that is own." The poem is confirming that negative attitudes repulse while hopeful ones attract.

(Please note: The spelling, "rhyme," was introduced right into English by Dr. Samuel Johnson with an raw error. Because that my explanation because that using only the initial form, please view "Rime vs Rhyme: An regrettably Error.")

Excerpt indigenous "Solitude"

Laugh, and the people laughs v you; Weep, and also you weep alone. For the sad old planet must lend its mirth, but has trouble sufficient of its own. Sing, and also the hills will answer; Sigh, that is shed on the air. The echoes bound come a joyful sound, yet shrink from voice care. . . .

To review the entire poem, please visit "Solitude."

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Reading of "Solitude"


This poem provides an observation around the effects that the pairs of opposites have actually on person relationships ~ above "the sad old earth."

First Stanza: The bag of Opposites

The speaker begins with two lines the have become a commonly quoted catchphrase, so much so that numerous inaccurately attribute it to Shakespeare, note Twain, or any number of other famous, profound writers.

The poem concentrates throughout on bag of opposites that have actually profound effects on the lives, minds, and also hearts of person beings. The mayic human being would no exists without together pairs that opposites. To speak to the phenomenon the the pairs of opposites, Paramahansa Yogananda in his Autobiography the a Yogi, employed Newton's legislation of Motion, showing just how the pairs space nothing an ext than the legislation of maya:

Newton's regulation of motion is a regulation of maya: "To every action there is constantly an equal and also contrary reaction; the common actions of any type of two bodies are always equal and also oppositely directed." activity and reaction room thus precisely equal. "To have actually a single force is impossible. There must be, and constantly is, a pair of forces equal and also opposite."