Every singer on tik is authorized the #whatsupchallenge by singing “So i wake increase in the morning and step outside”.

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So we have actually compiled the list of finest attempts together with the text of the song so you are all set to make your very own attempt.

WELL ns WAKE increase IN THE MORNING and also I step OUTSIDE and also I take it A DEEP BREATH and GET genuine HIGH

— ssnad (

‘So i wake up in the morning and step outside’ lyrics

25 years and also my life is stillTrying to obtain up that good big hill the hopeFor a destination

I realized conveniently when i knew ns shouldThat the civilization was made up of this brotherhood that manFor everything that means

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And so i cry periodically when I’m lying in bedJust to get it all out, what’s in my headAnd I, i am feeling a tiny peculiar

And so i wake in the morning and also I action outsideAnd ns take deep breath and also I get real highAnd ns scream indigenous the peak of my lungsWhat’s goin’ on?

I wake up in the morning and I action outside, take it a deep breath and I obtain real high and also I, scream at the top of mine lungsI want SOME FUCKING GARLIC BREAD