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Can anyone help me out through this shotgun? Im thinking of buying one, and also what is a great price variety for it? Is there any kind of other shotgun the you recommend? thanks!! (A girlfriend of mine desires to market me his for $100)!! thanks

I had one that ns shot alot of quail with earlier in the early on 80s. I do not miss out on the gun. I do miss having a viable excuse for missing birds.IMO, conserve your money
Had one, eliminated it. Only one on slide rail , mine maintained binding. $100.00 if it"s in like-new condition.
i have actually one an its a gud gun but it do have actually some absent in it dats nobody likes it i been had actually mines because that 10 year an will buy another one these everyone desires a small girl gun once i point minds in ~ something ns hit the everytime an mental is complete choke one i use 3 inch 000 in minds so it kick real hard it dont jam increase an if u in a jam an must depend ur life ~ above one trust me no nothin get back up in prior of it if u pull the trigger

Well.......that, just around says that all! for $100, it"s far better than a solitary shot. If you"re willing to invest some money....get the 870! Bob
:bluelogo: when you desire the BEST! Bob

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My brother recently purchased the S & W 916-A native a girlfriend for $100, and aside from a few spots of surface rust top top the barrel the is in excellect condition. Moreover, I have read all of the comment on here and disagree through the gun gift "junk," together we just took it to the variety yesterday: the performed perfectly, and also from 25 yards was placing pellets in the bullseye that targets supplied for turkey shoots. Furthermore, I simply checked one more site where the same gun (all the blueing to be sanded off, the wooden pump was cracked, and also someone had shortened the barrel by at the very least a foot: it was beat come death) marketed in one auction for $140.01 + $35 USPS + $7.25 sales tax; which, comes the end to about $180 for one that was in what castle auction residence termed "poor condition." In mine opinion, if you can obtain the 916-A for $100 (in great condition) I would personally snatch the up. Lock do have actually a kick to them, especially with the 3" shells, yet I personally think any type of S & W pump shotgun in an excellent condition is precious $100. In fact, in this economy, the just safe investments space basically brand surname firearms and precious metals (i.e. Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc.).BigBob