There"s a feeling around a good rifle. Much more than just the feeling of steel and also wood. It"s a feeling of organic balance. A emotion of easy, hopeful pointability.A emotion that this specific rifle will be a companion you deserve to count on. Hunt after hunt. Year ~ year.It"s the emotion you"ll get when you choose up a version 1500. Wood and metal blend together in a practical expression of classic rifle quality and also styling.The design and also performance characteristics preferred by the many demanding and also experienced shooters are integrated in these directly shooting rifles of highest possible quality material and also workmanship.For example, the conveniently located thumb safety and security securely locks the create but permits the bolt to be opened up for quick, safe inspection and also unloading.The lustrous blue metal finish and the hand-rubbed smoothness of select American walnut offer Model 1500 rifles the look and also feeling that far more expensive guns.And close investigate will display these fine rifles are developed to the exacting specifications and quality requirements that promise the countless years the performance and accuracy expected of a blacksmith & Wesson.

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Model 1500 rifles are offered in two activity lengths.The quick action is obtainable in the steady, accurate, new varmint rifle in 222 Rem., 22-250 Rem. And also 223 Rem. And also in both standard and also deluxe versions in 222 Rem., 223 Rem., 243 Win. And also 308 Win. — appropriate combinations for medium game and varmint shooting.The lengthy action, in 30-06, 270 Win., 7mm Rem. Mag. And also 300 Win. Mag., tailors the version 1500 for big game.Twin locking lugs journey in a three rail architecture for smooth, easy, non-binding bolt operation and also travel. The bolt body has actually three relief harbor to permit gas come escape downward with the magazine box in the unlikely occasion of a cartridge case rupture.Receivers space machined indigenous a single piece of forged steel for preferably strength. And also all version 1500 receivers are drilled and also tapped for typical scope mounts.


The model 1500 has actually the crisp let-off through minimum over-travel that you"d suppose to find on a target rifle. That"s part of the blacksmith & Wesson architecture that incorporates create guard and also magazine crate in a single unit.A hinged floorplate on both Standard and also Deluxe models, with the release slotted right into the front of the trigger guard, provides unloading safe, fast and simple.From optimal to Bottom: new Model 1500 Deluxe heavy Barrel Varmint; model 1500 Deluxe; and also the design 1500 typical Magnum.


Model 1500 stock styling follows the modern preference for straighter stocks with much less drop at the heel. The an outcome is faster, an ext consistent eye and sight alignment and, most important, a straighter recoil for minimum muzzle jump.A influential cheek piece on the high comb of the Deluxe version naturally positions the eye in ~ scope level. The share on the standard model permits you to cheek under for the open up sights however comfortably positions you because that scope shooting, too.Careful inletting of the stock offers precision bedding of the receiver and barrel to insure continuous accuracy.And S&W"s brilliant, resilient finish protects and also maintains the security of the lumber through seasons of changing weather.Smith & Wesson model 1500 bolt activity rifles are readily available in Deluxe and also Standard versions.


Skip-line hand checkering, a attribute of the most expensive custom guns, and also the engine rotate bolt are the very first clues the this rifle provides outstanding worth in performance and special style features.The stock, v its Monte Carlo comb and cheek piece, is crafted native American walnut selected for rich, beautiful grain. A ventilated pad softens the recoil top top Magnum models.The luxurious comes through swivel posts and also quick detachable swivels. And also an inlaid smith & Wesson seal add to the finishing touch come the pistol tight cap.


The Standard design of the 1500 rifle is an outstanding value in smith & Wesson quality and performance. A hooded ramp "gold bead" front sight and also a totally adjustable vast vee, round notch rear sight put you ~ above target.Eighteen line hand checkering gives a certain grip on the hand-filling pistol grip and also fore-end. Posts are set up for your favorite swivels and sling. It"s a gun you"ll it is in proud to own and also take right into the field.

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NEW for 1982

As version 1500 rifles have actually earned a reputation for quality, performance and also value around the country, shooters have actually asked united state to carry out these fine rifles in much more popular calibers. And also we have.Model 1500 rifles, in both standard and deluxe versions, space now obtainable in 222 Rem., 223 Rem. And also 308 Win.And that"s not all.We"ve carried out a brand new variation — a deluxe varmint rifle with the features shootersdemand. This brand-new Model 1500 has a 22" steady holding heavy barrel. It"s drilled and tapped for traditional scope mounts.The cause is fully adjustable. And the model 1500 luxurious varmint rifle will be easily accessible in 222 Rem., 22-250 Rem., and also 223 Rem.Smith & WessonA Bangor Punta CompanyGG Archives REF: BPS&W-030-1982-C-CAT