When Clark speak to "his father" in the fortress the Solitude Terence Stamp provided the voice, but when Jor-El self (at the very least in season 9) physically appeared he was shown by Julian Sands- to be this casting decision ever explained?


tl;dr: Terrence stamp is "older and also wiser" Jor-El, and Julian Sands is "younger" Jor-El.

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As I understand it, Julian Sands was intended to be playing a "younger version" of Jor-El; one the was the same period as the other trapped Kandorians. By the moment of Smallville"s season 9, Terrence rubber stamp would have actually been a little to old come play someone of that age.

Note that, in the Season 3 illustration "Memoria", in a flashback to Krypton, Terrence stamp is playing Jor-El, right prior to the earth explodes. Additionally, Tom Welling self played Jor-El in an even-younger-version the was on earth in the 60s. So Jor-El"s illustration has changed pretty dramatically over the timeline that the show.


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