case fan
cools internal materials of computer
heat sinkdraws warm away indigenous CPU
GPU (acronym)Graphics handling unit
Computers with very fast CPU's and also GPU's might use what type of cooling system?water
ROM (acronym)Read only Memory
firmwaresoftware save in a ROM chip
RAM (acronym)Random accessibility Memory
volatilecan be shed when computer powered down
Temporary storage location for data the is gift accessed through CPURAM
The much more RAM a computer system has...

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the more capacity it has to process big programs
Early computers had RAM set up in individual chips calledDIP chips
DIP (acronym)Dual Inline Package
memory modulememory chips top top a unique circuit board
single-sided memory moduleonly have actually RAM on one side of module
double-sided memory modulehave lamb on both sides of module
cacheextra storage storage place
SRAMused together cache memory
SRAM (acronym)Static RAM
static means...stationary
DRAM (acronym)Dynamic RAM
Main memory, slow memory, must be continually refreshed by electric impulsesDRAM
FPM dram (acronym)Fast Page setting DRAM
Memory the supports paging...enables faster access to data than continual DRAM.FPM DRAM
EDO storage (acronym)Extended Data Out
Memory the overlaps continuous data accesses.EDO RAM
SDRAM (acronym)Synchronous DRAM
DRAM that operates in sync through the storage busSDRAM
memory busdata path between CPU and main memory
DDR SDRAM (acronym)Double Data price SDRAM
Memory the transfers data twice as fast as SDRAM.DDR SDRAM
DDR2-SDRAM (acronym)Double Data rate 2 SDRAM
improves power over DDR SDRAM by diminish noise and crosstalk between signal wiresDDR2 SDRAM
RDRAM (acronym)RAMBus DRAM
Memory chip developed to interact at an extremely high rates of speed which is not typically used.RAMBUS DRAM
DIP (acronym)Dual Inline Package
Had dual rows that pins supplied to connect it to motherboardDIP
SIMM (acronym)Single Inline storage Module
a small circuit board the holds numerous memory chips. Castle come in 30-pin and 72-pin.SIMM
DIMM (acronym)Dual Inline memory Module
a circuit board the holds SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, and DDR2 SDRAM chips.DIMM
Memory Modules that come in 168-pin, 184-pin and 240-pin modules.DIMMs
RIMM (acronym)Rambus Inline memory Module
Memory module the holds RDRAM chips.RIMM
This memory module frequently has a 184-pin configurationRIMM
L1cache incorporated into the CPU
L2external cache; originally an installed on motherboard near the CPU but now incorporated into the CPU
L3cacheused top top some deluxe workstations and server CPUs.

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nonparitya memory chip that does not inspect for errors in memory
paritymemory has eight bits for data aon one little bit for error checking.
ECC (acronym)Error convey Code
can detect multiple bit errors in memory and correct single bit errors in memoryECC
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