Subtitles by DramaFeverI will never make you my maid.You are not Gong Xi.So...I'm that boring and also ugly girl friend mean, right?So, it's only since of conveniencethat you carried here.I do you the just one.I am willing to execute anything because that you.I can't think how selfish girlfriend areand just damage my life choose that.I will certainly take revenge!Why?I think in you.But you only use me.Gong Xi.Look!Your an initial albumYou look at amazing!See yourself!Shang.You fear me!I bought your first album!Don't be also hard, okay?What if neighbors hear you?What's wrong through you?Go to her room!What the hell!Shang.Shang, I'm late working.Can you provide me a ride?Are girlfriend kidding me?I'm well known nowWhat if the paparazzi see us together?It is true.If you desire to take it revenge ~ above me.Then come and also joinI'm in the to chat world.In this way, you will at least have a small chance.But I'm sorry.Looking at you ...I don't think that will certainly be a opportunity for you.Wait and also just look!I will prove it come you, girlfriend bastard!The voice sounded so familiar.Impossible.Keep me safeDo you like this pair of shoes?I will certainly take it.Are friend sureIs over there something wrong?I simply want to remind you ...That this pair of pair of shoes is much more expensivethan the clothes you simply chose.- So, if you have actually a minimal budget ...- So how much is it?NT $ 32,000.I to be sorry.Because the design is restricted andcustom do by our designer.That's why...I will take it.Make certain you offer me mine changes.You have long hair because that centuries.Are you sure you want to reduced it off?You room right.Been a long time.I can miss him.Maybe...I guess: v I might ...I will never ever want friend to it is in my maid.You are not Gong Xi.Luckliy, I chose to leaving my house in Japan.If ns stay and take end my father's hotelI have to be compelled to get married Gong Xiand have children with him.I can't also imagine it.You space the type of girl i like.You understand it?The 'Happy new Year' has actually never beendress or wear any make-up.He is not sexy at all.Cut it all!So, what type of hair format do friend like?Types that hairstyles belongs come the upcoming superstar.The comes superstarI have actually discarded my past.I will certainly defeat Bu Po Shang.I will certainly take revenge!The girl's voice was heard ...very familiarI believed so.But that didn't look choose him in ~ all.Forget it, let's go.Xiao Xi?It's you!What taken place to you?You look an extremely different.Hey, boss ...Why does everyone look for this reason serious?Is Xiao Xi's brand-new look ugly?Xiao Xi states she resigned.What?He wants to be a star.So, that can't work here anymore.Become a starXiao Xi, room you reallywill be a star?The boss need to be angry v the shade of mine hair.He is angry since of himwill miss out on you.You are constantly a employee membergood and hardworking.So, he likes you an extremely much.Now ~ you leaving everythingsuddenly of food he will certainly be angry.I'm sorry, bossI understand I shouldn't have resigned so suddenly.But if i don't resign ...I have to take the moment towork because that my acting job.I am worried the it will reason you to experience an ext problems.Wait.You mean, you just thinkto get in the entertainment world?I don't simply think about it.I decided.I have to be a star.From currently on, it's the just purpose of my life.But before you really end up being a star will certainly you buy that deluxe apartment?I have determined to move.Then where will girlfriend stay?I perform not knowI have actually not started in search of a place.If you have actually time ...can you check out if over there ischeap apartments because that rent?Problem solved.It's upstairs.One that Wan Zu used to stay.It is true.Before my family members moved to Taipei ...The plain boss let me stayin the warehouse upstairs.Although the room is quite oldand the roof might leak when it rains ...But if you tidy it increase a little, it's still habitable.Very? have the right to I live upstairs?Key?Here.If you desire to stay right here thenYou must proceed working here.Until girlfriend really uncover a jobnew you space not enabled to leave.People deserve to even get in universitywith a zero authorize at this time.But you don't also have a bachelor's degree.What do you think to get a an excellent job?Honey.Xiao Xi has actually a reasonalone to not go to college.He...Take as much time together you need.This is not something evil.Why feeling bad?Boss.Boss, you're hiding behindbar table all the time, right?If not, just how do you knowwhat are we talking about?That's not my business, whyI want to eavesdrop?You room so loud thatthe dog outside can listen you.Very?Of course, go and askthe dog if friend want.I really don't know him.Why act so coldwhen in truth he yes, really cares?I execute not understand.He is for this reason stubborn.That's all your luggagefrom your big apartment?I litter the rest.I think you're yes, really a weirdo.You work very hard come live in a high-end apartment.But you are constantly so closeup of the door andnever invite anyone.But now, friend suddenly relocate from there.You likewise have a full makeover.Now, you desire to go into the to chat world.What is wrong?I know.I know!You space a national spy, aren't you?Will friend quietlysneak into the people of entertainmentand see which celebrities use drugs?Or room you investigating celebritiesWhich woman is affiliated with prostitution?I have the right to be her partnerLet's struggle crime togetherand clean the people of entertainmentfor our society!If I'm a spy ...then ns don't need to enterentertainment world at all.I can only shoot the selfishly ...that...cockroaches!Yes, the cockroach.Amazing.You desire to be a star, right?I have actually an idea.What is that?Are you certain the talent certified dealer willpay attention to me if i walk prefer this?Yes.That's just how they uncovered LinQing Xia and took him come Hollywood.Who is Lin Qing Xia?I'm not sure, yet that's whatmy mother told me.I've viewed it in the vault movie!What movie?Don't you watch movies at all?I always worked.My foot are very sore.I have actually been walking for 2 hours.However, no one human being yetwho approached me.Maybe due to the fact that of what friend wear.

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I gave up my possibility to go to college.So that I can look ~ MomPo Shang is prefer a maid.I don't think him reallyback to university now.You cruel, cruel and also cold bastard!I will never forgive him!Forgive who?Nothing, i think we space too passive.So I desire to be an ext proactive and also showto anyone my exhilaration skills.Not bad, that's a great idea.Come on, what other ideas do girlfriend have?Yes, I have actually another.Can us talk about what will certainly bewe say before I contact the CEO?Speaking that what?About exactly how you offend brothers Pumpkin.Just to speak the truth.Hey, superstar, the manager really iscome and file a complaint.He must have made the sound very bad.Shouldn't us think about an explanation first?If you can't say it, climate let me do it.Hey! ns will execute it.You will just make things worse.Talk about devils!Hello, CEOVery?Good.Understand.Only crazy human being canfind concepts like that.This is so embarassing.I don't think this works, right?Maybe, ns can aid you.That is me! ns am a superstar.If you want to be famous,then come with me.Hold this because that me.Hey!Are you certain you have the right to beat it?Goodness, recognize how numerous other girlswho fell because of his previous trick.Luckliy, I have you with me.So you think every girls room naive right?How dare you, girlfriend bastard!- defeat him hard!- No!What must I do?I don't think talent agentstrue really come here.Even if they perform it, youmight fear them.Oh, why don't ns think about it?What do you think?LME, I deserve to go straight to LME.LME?They are monitoring agentslargest in Taiwan.Why does a huge agency choose that desire you?Bu Po Shang can't even usevacuum cleaner and also he entered, I can too.How execute you understand Bu Po Shang doesn'tcan you usage a vacuum cleaner?I have better grades 보다 him in ~ school.I will enter with certainty.Come on, what's great value relatedwith the entertain world!How perform you recognize Bu Po Shang hasvalue worse than you?This is really clear, isn't it?I always come an initial in my class.First place.Alright then.I guess friend can shot it.I need to go to my tutoring class.Good luck.I'm serious, don't prefer this.As lengthy as I have the right to sell myselfto LME and also enter the civilization of entertainment ...I am sure I will certainly be more popular than Bu Po Shang.How challenge you look under on me, you bastardJust waitI will quickly become an ext popular through you.I will certainly defeat youuntil you apologize!That thought provides me laugh!I do a decision.Bu Po Shang ...I can't call thatThat way I understand you as a celebrity.Wake up, Shang Jie Yung!I far better change first.I'm not certain if it's mine imagination.I guess I just heard the girl's voice again.I think I likewise heard it.So?What did the say?The CEO said that the complaint had been resolved.Because Mr. Pumpkin just called the CEO.He apologized because that the manager's complaint.He even sent you an e-mail to say thank you.Did the do?Let me examine your email.Do you desire to know what the wrote?No, I perform not.I will still review it to you.Lian.Thanks for her signatureMy daughter is really happy ...His birthday will come in a couple of days.So because that him, your signatureis the finest birthday present.Xiao Yu, this is a signed photoDaddy from Dun that Lian.Look.Like it?Oh, yes.He even asked me come greet you.Good.This will certainly be your birthday in a couple of days.Do you desire to invite her friends?Xiao Yu.You can display this picture to themand call them the Dun that Lian ispersonally authorize it just for you.No one else has actually it.They will certainly envy you, right?Good.Listen.You deserve to invite all your friends, okay?Mother will certainly prepare food anddrinks for them, okay?It's been two years.My daughter to be diagnosed together sufferingcancer 2 years agoand he becomes weak work by day.He likewise became an ext lonely and closed.He stopped interacting with peopleand even stopped seeing his finest friend.But another day ...after he acquired the signature that Mr. Lian ...he yes, really agreed come invite his friendsfor his date of birth partyBoth my wife and also I are really happy.We give thanks to you from the bottom of ours hearts.You space right.As one actor, I must not letMy an individual affairs influence my workand caused problems for my entire team.I promise that this is only an exception.And i will never let the very same thing occur again.We want to thank you again.Good luck.From Pumpkin.So, that's why.No wonder the wasn't angry at alland instead send an e-mail thank you.He wasn't even touched through this email?I don't to trust this person.He seems to only focus on his workand there is nothing rather in this world.I want to it is in a starI should see your vital man.Please arrange because that me.Sorry, carry out you have an appointment?Which key man perform you want to see?Promise?But, i don't also know them.Make an appointment for me.They aren't all, right?No, but if girlfriend can't tell united state who you want to seehow deserve to we aid you?You can't help meWhat's wrong with your attitude?Shouldn't you welcome peoplelike me that really desires to be a star?What's walk on here?Chief Shen, this mrs saidthat he wants to it is in a star.But, that didn't have an appointment.Head?So, you're absolutely one the the crucial men right?I am responsible because that the artist of ours company.I am not certain if ns am one of the an essential men.But, I manage all concerns related to our artists.It was great.So, you want to enterentertainment sector right?Yes, I desire to bestar as quickly as possible.I'm ready to go.You are certainly an extremely enthusiastic.So, what sort of celebrity would certainly you like?A singer?Singer?But I simply went come the karaoke bar double andI didn't even finish one song.So, the acting later?Act?I'm not also interested in acting.So you desire to becelebrity game show?Is the video game a fun video game for people?No, I dislike them!How about being a host?No! i can't was standing the hypocrites.Is over there something wrong?You will not replyBrother Pumpkin email?He is truly sincere around that.What room you doing?FinishedWhat room your plan now?Buy a teddy bear.For who?You space the recipient.You don't need to do that.I don't require a teddy bear.This is not for you.I desire you to convey that toBrother Pumpkin's daughter for me.When I have time, ns willvisit him and also play through him.No, you re welcome don't!Why walk you kick me out?Let me go!I don't hold on to you, youon the wrong side of the escalator.Oh, yes.Get down ... Down!Even if you reject me, youstill have to offer me a reason, right?Reason?The reason is the I currently know what you room doing.You simply pretend you desire to it is in a starso you have the right to see Lian, right?Lian? You median Dun the Lian?Is he one of your artists?Stop pretending.Do you understand what is neededto go into the to chat industry?Let me tell you.This is only for civilization whotalented and eager come appear.Not because that fans favor you tocome and shit around, understand?Chief Shen, what occurred here?Dun he Lian?What the hell!Why is he consisted of in this agency?Oh mine God, why walk you make him mine colleague?How have the right to I get alongwith someone favor him?How strange.People commonly scream withexcitement when you see you.Why does he look for this reason desperate and upset?Quite interesting.What yes, really happened?This is choose this.I believed I could join LME so ns couldcarry the end my arrangement to defeat the creep.But now Dun that Liansuddenly interrupted mine plan.Oh my God, what should I perform now?Do I have to let go of the worldentertainment the I have enteredjust thus jerk?I see.If the is not interested orpassionate around the entertainment industrythen I'm sure he's only below for dust around.Wait a minute.I have nothing to execute with Shang Jie Yung now.In that instance ...why have to I hate Dun the Lian?Where am I?How walk I obtain here?Why don't i feel anything?Just go.Do no come ago again.Our company will no accept anyone who does notpassionate and also sincere in performing.So, it to be he who drove me out.No wonder ns still dislike itfrom the bottom of my heart.Do you want to kick me out?Never think about it!I swear.I will absolutely enter the entertainment industry.Just waitI will certainly not give up!There are lots of nutcases today.The people goes crazy.But this is the an initial time I observed someonedream of their idols as much as this.He even thought that he wascan it is in your own star.Lian should be too popular.That is why fans desire to shot the methodpossible to try and see it directly.But ns feel sorry forthe fathers are out there.To get a signature for his daughterHe also has to tolerate humiliation.I feel really sorry for him.Lian is superstar for this reason it's naturalif fans want to strategy it.But ~ above LME, it's not simply Lianwho has actually a trouble like that.I know, you average when fansthe woman stalking the CEO?That is it.He believed he would go inLME if he ideologies the CEO.He complied with him everywhere and themeven caught by the paparazzi.They almost make headlines.He yes, really made CEO crazy.But, that is somethingcan only occur to our CEO.But i think you have actually targeted this time.What?From the look at of points ...I don't think girlfriend will eliminate it easily.I think the is established to get you.I hope not.He will go home when he's boring right?Have you ever heard ...that lions have the right to stay awake because that threefull job while wait for their prey?What perform you mean?Don't worry, i don'tthink he will bite.Don't be afraid of him.This is no a zoo.What is that?What preyNot that ns am a raccoon.Who cares?He could give increase soon.Oh, mine God!My legs have started to hurt.No, i can't provide up.Hang in there.As expected, the left.Chief Shen, you need to be busy.You fear me!What room you act here?Chief Shen, please give me one more opportunity.Stop begging me.LME will never ever take friend inChief, I desire to study.- Please give me a chance- That's enough.You say you don't want to song oracting and also in her opinion this video game is very cheap.I am just kidding.- Please, Chief!- protect against it.Just walk home, don't come ago again.Head...Call a partnerWhere carry out you go, partnerIt sucks!Chief Shen, please!- Please offer me a chance!- conveniently enter the highway and lose him!- chief Shen, please ...- rush up! acquire on the highway!Please offer me one more chance, cook Shen!- chief Shen!- Oh, mine God!Hurry up on the highway, hurry up!Chief Shen.What an remarkable red bike!Where are you going, sir?Where room we now?We are almost at Xin Zhu.What?What the hell!I spent a complete hour in a taxi.These room all those stunner mistakes ...Don't phone call meDon't speak anythingNo, ns think ...Chief Shen, you finally go home!How carry out you understand where i live?I discovered it through wrongone of your interviews ~ above the internet.This reflects your deal with behind.I have to thank friendsour media for their Dun that Lian coverage.- I want to ask...- seeSee? Your attend to is thereYou yes, really look pretty an excellent there.I execute not believe youChief Shen.Chief Shen ...- Impossible.- Let's talk around that ...Impossible!Chief Shen ...Honey!Hurry in, fast!- fast!- What is wrong?Don't let the in!Who? Don't permit anyone enter?Don't you watch a strange girlwhen you went back at the time?No, I carry out not.That's an excellent ... Say thanks to you.What is that?Chief Shen.Please assist me go into your agency!You again?Chief Shen, please helpI entered your firm ...Go, get away indigenous me!Go...Get far from me ...

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Leave.Honey, what's wrongGet up!Honey, what's wrong with you?Do you have a nightmare?Nightmare?Is that really just a dream?Is the really fun?Tell me.Why carry out you proceed to force Chief Shen?Because I desire revenge!I want to take revenge on Bu Po Shang!I claimed you to be vulgar, weak and also pretentious.You're yes, really worriedwith talent contest?Is it because of one of the contestantsmeans something because that you, Mr. Dun that Lian?Good luck, Gong Xi!Your retribution arrangement will begin now.Subtitles by DramaFeverThanks because that watching #Sweet moment #