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Have you noticed her shadow occasionally transforming in form or disappearing when you enter a dark room?

Humans are not the just ones the can actors a shadow. There are plenty of objects in our day-to-day lives that can actors a zero too, such together cupboards, soft toys and bags.

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However, over there are particular objects in our next site that perform not actors a shadow, such together a clear glass cup and air.

So, just how do we recognize which objects can actors a shadow and which objects cannot? Besides, why carry out the length of the shadows readjust at times?

In this article, I will be discussing around the problems required because that a zero to it is in formed. ~ which, ns will describe how the length of the zero of an object changes as soon as it moves from one ar to another with referral to an check question.

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1. How Are Shadows Formed?
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4. In Conclusion

How room Shadows Formed?

In order for a zero to it is in formed, there room 3 conditions that need to be met:

Light indigenous a light resource must be present.The object must be able to block light.There must be a display screen for the zero to kind on.

Condition 1: Light should be present

In order because that light to be present, it should come native a irradiate source.

Can girlfriend recall some of the light sources that you have learnt?

Sources the light: Sun, torch light, fire

Condition 2: The thing must be able to block light

When an object blocks light, it method that part light is unable to pass v the object. The lot of light that an object blocks depends on the transparency of the object. An object that blocks some light is well-known as a translucent object while an item that blocks many light is recognized as an opaque object. Thus, objects such as cupboards, soft toys and bags cast shadows together they space able to block light.

What about a clear glass cup? Why does it not cast a shadow? The reason is the a clean glass cup does not fulfill problem 2. The clear glass cup is transparent and does not block light. Thus, there is no zero formed.

*⚠️ ofradiation Alert*

The hatchet “transparency” is various from the ax “transparent”.

Transparency refers to the ability of an item to permit light come pass with it. The ax “transparency” does not tell us just how much light can pass with an object.

On the various other hand, the word “transparent” indicates that many light is able to pass with the object, i m sorry tell united state the lot of light that deserve to pass v the object.

Condition 3: There need to be a display for a shadow to type on

Shadows can only type on objects that space able to block light. This contains both translucent (blocks some light/allows part light to happen through) and opaque (blocks every light/does not permit light to happen through) objects. Thus, we commonly see shadows developed on the wall surface or ~ above the floor.

Hence, in order to answer “How are shadows formed?”, we say that:

A zero is developed when light from the irradiate source, which travels in the straight line, is blocked by an opaque/translucent object.

A shadow have the right to only be created on translucent or opaque objects/surfaces.

With a much better understanding the the problems required for a shadow to it is in formed, let us currently analyse why the length of the shadow changes, utilizing the concern below.


Source: CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ school – 2016 P6 SA2 Examination paper

Before we start to analyse the question, let us very first identify the transparency that the cat.

The cat does not permit any irradiate from the lamp article (light source) to happen through. Together such, the cat is opaque and also would cast a shadow on the ground (the soil is opaque – recall that only translucent/opaque objects enable shadows come be created on it).

Why does the cat’s shadow change in size when that walks from allude W come Z?

Note: The length of the shadow counts on the distance between the light resource and the object, i m sorry affects the dimension of the shadow formed on the ground.

Let’s begin from suggest W

When the cat is at point W, irradiate rays from the lamp post are falling on the cat at the furthest distance. This reasons the cat come block the greatest area of light from the desk lamp post, causing the length of shadow formed at allude W to be the longest.


Diagram 1

Moving from point W to suggest X

As the cat walks from allude W to allude X, the distance between the desk lamp post and the cat decreases, resulting in the length of the zero to decrease. (Compare chart 1 and also Diagram 2 attracted below) This would additionally mean the the cat is impede a smaller sized area of light from the lamp post.


Diagram 2

At suggest X

When the cat is directly listed below the lamp post at suggest X, the distance in between the lamp post and the cat is the shortest. Thus, the size of the zero will likewise be the shortest. This is due to the fact that light rays indigenous the lamp short article is just falling just over the cat, and also the cat is blocking the the smallest area of light from the lamp post.


Diagram 3

Moving from suggest X to allude Z

As the cat to walk from suggest X to allude Z, the length of the zero will increase once again due to the fact that the distance between the lamp post and the cat increases. This would likewise mean the the cat is blocking a greater area of irradiate from the desk lamp post.


Point Z

When the cat is at point Z, the distance between the lamp post and also the cat is the furthest once again, causing the cat come block the best area of light. Hence, the size of shadow created at allude Z would certainly be the longest again.


Before I expose the answer come you, i would choose you to take a look at the question over again and choose her answer.



If you have actually chosen Option (2) as the answer, you are right!

In Conclusion

Allow me to conveniently summarise what we have actually learned together:

#1: when the object (on the ground) moves further away (to the left or the right) indigenous the irradiate source, an ext area of irradiate from the light resource would be blocked by the object, causing the size of zero to be longer.

In various other words, if light from a light source falls top top a larger exposed surface area the the opaque/translucent object, the length of shadow would be longer.

#2: Remember, in order for a shadow to be formed, there requirements to be irradiate coming from a irradiate source.

#3: Also, carry out not forget that the object the is blocking the light and the screen where the shadow is developed on, have to be either opaque or translucent.

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I hope that this write-up has been valuable in helping you know the ideas being experiment in inquiries on shadows native the object of Light Energy.