For one aspiring Sin City practical worker biker, the course to brotherhood began with a man dubbed “Soul Taker.”

“You need to have a friend or recognize somebody in the club,” stated Andrew Brewerton, a former army soldier who started hanging roughly the biker gang Colorado Springs clubhouse together a “prospect” in 2010 after ~ an invitation from one ominously named member he had actually met v a friend.

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Brewerton, 20, took the was standing at a killing trial Friday and laid the end a grunt’s-eye-view the the secretive group, from the significance of the assorted patches that adorn that members’ black color leather vests, come the function of the corridor “old ladies” — wives and also girlfriends they generically describe as “properties,” the said.

“It’s not derogatory,” Brewerton added with a protective look come the jury, which has actually several women. “It’s more just saying, ‘This is mine wife, earlier off.’”

The Sin City hands-on worker clubhouse, 628 W. Vermijo St., to be the scene of the march 2012 slaying that Virgil Means, a guest that was violently thrown indigenous a personal after-hours party just to dice in a hail the gunfire once he changed for his lacking wallet.

The group’s members explain it as a “one-percenter” gang, comparable to the Hell’s Angels or Colorado’s boy of Silence.

On trial is Christopher “Stone Cold” Mountjoy the Fountain, a ft Carson sergeant who pulled double-duty together “sergeant in ~ arms” because that the Sin City Disciples, responsible for protecting the club and its members.

“We to be pretty close,” said Brewerton, likewise known as “White Boy,” emphasizing “were” v a glance towards his former boss at the defense table.

Mountjoy, 31, is one of four men charged v first-degree killing in the case. Authorities allege that Mountjoy and two other men opened fire top top a Cadillac in which means was a passenger in what police previously described as a coordinated maneuver. The identification of the third shooter has yet to be established, police detective Jerry Schiffelbein testified Friday.

Three that the 4 men charged through first-degree murder to be active-duty fort Carson soldiers at the time.

Two the the four, including Mountjoy, room accused of shooting weapons. The other two allegedly listed Mountjoy v cover in the form of 2 slow-moving cars that flanked him as he allegedly closed in ~ above his unarmed targets. Mountjoy’s defense attorneys to speak he assumed an strike was imminent.

Brewerton, who hasn’t been charged in the case, stated he was never “fully patched” right into the organization and left quickly after the shooting. He is among at the very least three previous associates intended to rest the club’s password of silence and also testify versus Mountjoy. Two agreed to rotate state’s evidence in exchange because that plea deals.

He described the club’s location system, the after-hour parties, its place in the national organization and other hard-to-come-by details.

If Brewerton’s testimony is a guide, however, it’s feasible the other witnesses might suffer indigenous faulty memories.

In describing events surrounding the shooting, Brewerton, then a type of junior enforcer, claimed he didn’t remember crucial details police claimed he formerly supplied, together as who was equipped that night and with what.

Brewerton deadline his bad memory to a 2010 motorcycle crash. Yet when prosecutor Laurel Huston inquiry if he remembered informing a detective the Mountjoy warned society members in the moment after the shooting not to talk about it v anybody, Brewerton gave a brand-new detail.

“He called me it was Crips and also Bloods stuff,” that said, after questioning to clear up his previous comment to police. “That’s what it ultimately came down to.” Brewerton stated Mountjoy merely wanted society members to stay out of various other people’s business.

Jurors heard a different account from man Severe, that was charged together an accessory come murder however took a misdemeanor plea transaction in exchange because that his cooperation.

Severe — that went by the surname Dallas — claimed Mountjoy came into the club quickly after shots to be fired and also said, “I understand I hit the car.”

The group’s motto is “I to be My Brother’s Keeper,” claimed Brewerton, explicate their ideology as follows: “If I have a dollar, my brothers now has actually 50 cents.”

Where Mountjoy look at the part of biker corridor enforcer — he is a hulking combat veteran, with wide shoulders and a clean-shaven head — Brewerton would be tough to peg together a member of any kind of outlaw group.

At 5-foot-6 and also 110 pounds, the thin-framed witness served as a “prospect” in the team — a kind of probationary member usually saddled through menial errands, such as serving drinks and also sweeping the floor.

He stated he worked his method up to “prospect enforcer,” allowing him to wear a skull patch obtained from “The Punisher,” a comic book vigilante.

“Enforcers make certain they get things done,” Brewerton said. “They’re not going come worry around picking up trash.”

On the night of the shooting, Brewerton claimed he aided escort Means, 31, past a barricade outside the club entrance after method was thrown the end of the club. But Brewerton testified the he was inside throughout the shooting.

He testified the he didn’t know what happened, only that someone later passed the a locked tool box and asked the to eliminate it from the club.

That detail, too, dropped into concern with Severe’s testimony. Severe said he observed Brewerton open the crate to expose a handgun inside. Authorities have apparently been unable to recoup at the very least some the the tools involved.

Severe reported because that a 30-day jail sentence ~ above Friday after taking the stand. His testimony will proceed Monday morning. He had been accused of cleaning up shell casings ~ the shooting, though he claimed Friday the didn’t see any.

Brewerton, who complained the he spent too long as a prospect and also should have been admitted as a full member, claimed he quit ~ the shooting and returned his patches come the same guy who carried him ~ above board: spirit Taker.

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He told the jury the his leave from the Sin City Disciples brought about hurt feelings among club members.