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Jim is opportunistic, obsessive, sneaky, and also ultimately naive.

1. Jim is opportunistic : the storyteller, Simon Wheeler, explains Jim together "lucky," however really Jim"s supposed luck originates from his habit of taking benefit of any situation that thinks could earn him some money. The sees an...

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Jim is opportunistic, obsessive, sneaky, and also ultimately naive.

1. Jim is opportunistic: the storyteller, Simon Wheeler, explains Jim together "lucky," but really Jim"s an alleged luck comes from his habit that taking benefit of any kind of situation the thinks might earn him some money. He sees an chance for get in the most quotidian situations: like when two birds are sitting together, or when a bug is crawling ~ above the ground.

2. Jim"s obsession with betting, and also with winning, is in ~ the facility of the story that Wheeler tells around him. Why else would certainly anyone spend months on end trying to get a frog to be able to jump farther? It"s as if Jim doesn"t even care what the bet is about: he"s simply maddeningly focused on the action of betting: "if he could get any kind of body to gambling on the various other side; and if he couldn"t, he"d readjust sides," Wheeler reports. The fact that Jim is ready to move sides simply to do a bet occur reveals exactly how deeply i heard he is.

3. You have the right to see how sneaky Jim is by the tiny stories about his horse and also his dog. Both of these creatures look choose they"d be disastrous at winning races or fights, respectively, yet that"s what Jim wants world to think. As soon as it comes under to it, the steed is actually an excellent at winning gyeongju at the last moment, and also the dog is a born fighter. Jim"s sneakiness is additionally evident once he waits because that a stranger to involved town to make a wager versus Jim"s jumping frog. That knows that anybody else local already knows about how his frog is special, for this reason he waits for an unsuspecting victim to shot to for sure a win bet with his jumping frog.

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4. In the end, Jim is more naive than he thinks. As soon as Jim hears that the Parson"s wife has actually gotten much better after her lengthy illness, he speak the Parson, "Well, I"ll hazard two-and-a-half that she don"t , anyway.” Jim doesn"t realize the this is a ridiculous thing to say, and also that it"s insulting to the Parson and his wife; he"s simply naively focused on making bets and also winning them. However most informing is exactly how the bet around the frog ends up. Jim naively enables the stranger to continue to be alone v Jim"s frog prior to the competition, not even suspecting the this enemy will mess through the frog to tamper through the result of the competition.