Both summer and also winter room the two of four seasons in the world. In summer, the see of plants is beautiful together the very same in winter. Even though there are several an in similar way points between summer and winter, yet there are still have actually three main different things which room clothing, tasks and food. The very first different thing in between summer and also winter is clothing. In summer, world like to wear short pants or skirts and like to wear bikini come the beach since of the weather is very hot; in contrast, human being like come wear sweater, scarf or lengthy pants in winter.

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Different places may have various clement, yet for most of civilization they would using gloves in winter but not in summer. Because that example, as soon as you check out a friend’s clothes on the photo, you deserve to easy to guess the how’s the weather in your friend’s location. One more different thing between summer and winter is activities. Over there are many different activities you would do between summer and winter, such as you would certainly go surfing, go to the coast or walk to the water park in summer, yet you won’t carry out that in winter.

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For winter, friend will execute some different activities between summer, choose go skiing and having a exorbitant dinner ~ above Christmas day. Over there are few of different activities between summer and winter. The final different thing between summer and also winter is food. Because that example, girlfriend would choose to eat ice cream in summer, yet you would prefer to eat warm pot in winter.

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once I was in high school, my friends and also I would prefer to eat a most ice cream after class in summer. In winter, since of the temperature, we commonly eat hot pot come let ours body keep warm.

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We should eat ice cream cream or cold water in summer, however have warm tea or warm pot in winter; that seems prefer a preeminence that us can’t see. Over of all, there room three different things you would certainly do between summer and also winter. In between summer and winter, temperature, views and also the work time room the differences; otherwise, clothing, tasks and food are also the various things in between summer and also winter. Also though there are countless different things in between summer and winter, us still can find amount that funny points to do.

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