Ruth Burke and also her sixth-grade language art students in ~ Oakridge center School take the fundamentals to the next level.

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She writes: "We check out the recent short article in day-to-day News regarding the driving period in the state the Florida written by Pete Bishop. Because this is a appropriate topic because that middle-school students, I created a writing instance to which they responded.

"Our goal to be to write five-paragraph essays on a existing topic, making use of mature vocabulary, suitable punctuation and grammar, and also convince the reader to agree v individual students. Students are learning to use statistics in their writing to prove their points. They are additionally encouraged come provide an individual examples in their essays.""

The everyday News invite her to select two because that publication.

Here castle are.

Lower it come 15


Do friend think the federal government should lower the steering age? Well, ns think they should reduced it to period 15. The government would get more tax money. Teenagers would be much more responsible. Parents could ask their teenagers to run some errands.

For example, right currently the government of Florida doesn"t have much money. Because there are numerous young people who want to drive, money will certainly be spent on things prefer buying a brand-new car. A 6th of that will go to the government.

Also, many cars malfunction or need brand-new parts. Those things expense money. Ns think it would certainly be better than increasing the control age.

Equally important, teenagers will be much more responsible. Usually your auto gets dirty therefore you should clean it. Teenagers will psychic to execute so. Likewise they will require to discover to pump gas.

Eight the end of 14 kids are responsible at the age 15. This will offer them an opportunity to display their parents.

Besides this, parents will certainly not have to run errands. I see young human being everywhere who are around 15 gift dragged approximately from save to store by their moms. If you lower the driving age, parents will have an ext time for important things. Mine cousins called me the their parents had actually less time because that themselves because they spent an hour shopping because that groceries. Teens can additionally go to the short article office, too. This would be useful.

Lowering the driving age would it is in a huge opportunity for countless people. This will aid many throughout their lives.

Raise it to 17 or 18


I think you have to raise the driving period to 18. The period for a driving permit should be 17.

The an initial reason is that parents won"t issue as much. The 2nd reason is that teenagers would it is in safe. The an extremely last factor is the there would be under crashes. Certainly, you would desire this in our state.

Parents worry about what will take place to their youngsters when they get their license. They problem that their children might acquire in a crash and get injured or worse. If kids get their patent at 18 there would be much less worry since their kids would be adults and be responsible sufficient to treatment for themselves. There would be an ext mature vehicle drivers out there. Don"t we require that?

Teens would certainly be happy too. They would be safer. Teens can be crazy and get wild if driving. They have the right to go fast, perform tricks and disobey avoid signals. Lock can ruin the whole town. You really don"t desire them behind the wheel. They would endanger your lives and also our lives too. They deserve to crash right into us if we"re driving. How much much better would our lives be, knowing responsible chauffeurs are driving the end there? i would problem if I have to drive when I"m 15. Above all, ns think the driving age should be raised 18.

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I hope i have persuaded you come raise the control age. If you are parents, aunts, uncles or grandparents you would certainly agree through me. Save teens safe. Keep Florida safe.