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Tim native Florida"She dealt two cards, a queen and a threeAnd mumbled part words the were so strange come meThen she turned increase a two-eyed jack"According come, the cards have actually the following meaning:The queen the spades to represent a manipulative woman.The three of spades represents tears from bad news.The jack of clubs represents who who might be her friend.So the cards handle in the song have the right to be around translated accurately come the situation.Jennifur SunI wonder considering who created it if the is members that the Wrecking Crew playing on this tune ? Cara correctly she kills both the them and also Greg try google or maybe a regional music storeJennifur SunI wonder considering who developed it if that is members of the Wrecking Crew playing on this songRicky from Ohsweken, Ontario CanadaKristin - Bessemer, Al; according to a 70s CD I have actually Sonny turn it under for (& ns quote native the CD liner notes) "fearing it would certainly offend people down south only to release songs like half Breed & Dark Lady which would go top top to violation other human being everywhere."Esskayess native Dallas, TxGo on YouTube and query because that the animated video clip that was developed for this song"s usage on the Sonny and Cher Show. It makes the song more fun to hear.Paul indigenous Detroit, MiHmmm .... Gypsies, Tramps and Theives, half Breed and then Dark Lady. She love singing about odd ladies in the 70"s. All reached #1.Breanna native Henderson, NvThis is a great song, ns love the she death them in the end, great ending isn"t it.Kristin indigenous Bessemer, AlI uncover it very suprising the she would document this song, yet Sonny Bono (at the time), was really reluctant for her to record "The Night The lamp Went the end In Georgia"Greg from brand-new York, NyI have actually been looking every for a Chord progression Chart for Dark Lady. Does anyone recognize where i can acquire one?ThanksCara indigenous Santa Barbara, CaShe does kill her boyfriend and "the dark lady"in the song.Stefanie from absent Hill, ScI rhought the protagonist eliminated both her boyfriend and also the fortune teller in the song.Jeffri from san Diego, CaHi John, lengthy time. I just heard Dark Lady and also remembered once we to be living on Cherokee in Hollywood beside Mary once you wrote it.What room you up to?Love,Jeffrisee much more comments
give Me everything (Tonight)Pitbull

Lindsay Lohan sued Pitbull for defamation over the heat in his song "Give Me every little thing (Tonight)," ""I obtained it locked up like Lindsay Lohan."

Thinking around YouCalvin Harris

"Thinking around You" was the nine track indigenous Calvin Harris" 18 month album to go into the UK singles height 10. No various other artist has obtained so plenty of hits indigenous one LP - Michael Jackson was the previous document holder v seven peak 10 melody from both his Bad and also Dangerous sets.

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Blaze that GloryJon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi deserve his an initial movie credit transaction - Young guns II - by writing "Blaze the Glory" because that the film.

Tubular Bells (Part 1)Mike Oldfield

The Exorcist layout music is a part of "Tubular Bells," a 25-minute tune released by 19-year-old Mike Oldfield.

carry out You Really want To pains Me?Culture club

"Do you Really want To hurt Me?" was written by young George around his connection with society Club"s drummer Jon Moss.

because U been GoneKelly Clarkson

Dr. Luke and also Max Martin initially wrote Kelly Clarkson"s "Since U to be Gone" with Pink in mind however she turned it down.

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Tony Joe WhiteSongwriter Interviews

The writer of "Rainy Night in Georgia" and "Polk Salad Annie" describes how he cooks increase his Louisiana swamp rock.

90s Music Quiz 1Music Quiz

First question: Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson showed up in videos because that what artist?

chris TomlinSongwriter Interviews

The king that Christian praise music defines talks around writing songs for troubled times.

Jello BiafraSongwriter Interviews

The former Dead Kennedys frontman on the past, present and also future the the band, what music makes us "pliant and also stupid," and also what that learned indigenous Alice Cooper.

CommercialsFact or Fiction

Was "Ring of Fire" really supplied to offer hemorrhoid cream?

Women who RockSong writing

Evelyn McDonnell, editor of the publication Women who Rock, ~ above why the Supremes are simply as vital as Bob Dylan.