“Seventh Grade” is a character-driven story. The protagonist Victor, his classmates, and his teachers are occurred through both direct and indirect characterization. To assist students master direct and/or indirect characterization, have them produce a storyboard identifying examples of each in the story. Students deserve to look because that indirect characterization based on character actions, your comments, or others’ comments around them. Students feather for straight characterization will certainly search for particular lines in which the narrator clearly states particular character qualities. Because that each character trait, have students depict an ideal scene, annotated listed below with the student’s observations or a straight quotation native the text.

“Seventh Grade” Direct and Indirect Characterization


"And Mr. Bueller is a great guy."

Victor is insecure and nervous approximately Teresa

"Great rosebushes of red blooming on Victor’s cheeks. A river of concerned sweat ran down his palms. The felt awful."


"Mr. Bueller shuffled through the documents on his desk, that smiled and also hummed as he sat under to work. He remembered his college years when he dated a girl friend in obtained cars."

Victor is insecure and also nervous roughly Teresa

She smiled and also said, “Hi, Victor."

He smiled ago and said, “Yeah, that"s me.” His brown challenge blushed. Why hadn’t that said, “Hi, Teresa,” or "How was your summer?” or miscellaneous nice.

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Create a storyboard illustrating indirect and direct characterization in "Seventh Grade".

Use the template listed by her teacher.In one column, identify examples of indirect characterization.In the various other column, identify examples of straight characterization.Illustrate each instance with ideal characters, scenes, and items.
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Grade Level 6-8

Difficulty Level 3 (Developing come Mastery)

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