The Life girlfriend Save might Be her Own summary "The Life friend Save might Be her Own" is a quick story by Flannery O"Connor in i m sorry one-armed drifter Tom Shiftlet agrees to marry Crater"s daughter in exchange for a car.

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Shiftlet functions for Mrs. Crater as a repairman, and he is enamored through the late Mr. Crater"s car.Mrs. Crater makes a attend to Shiftlet: if he marries her daughter Lucynell, she"ll provide him the car. The accepts.After the wedding, Shiftlet and also Lucynell leaving for your honeymoon. Shiftlet abandons Lucynell at a restaurant.Shiftlet picks up a hitchhiker that tells him to "go to the devil" before jumping out of the car.
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Tom Shiftlet, a drifter, wanders onto the farm yard of Lucynell Crater and her daughter, likewise named Lucynell, who is deaf. Mesmerized by the beauty of the sunset, Shiftlet raises his arms to the sky, creating a crooked cross through his body, and holds this saviorlike pose for nearly a minute before introducing himself. Mrs. Crater have the right to see indigenous a distance that Shiftlet is a tramp and also is not afraid the him. If the daughter look at on innocently, Shiftlet and Mrs. Crater converse seriously. He asks her many deep questions that she does not answer, such as “What is a man?” and also makes proclamations such as “The people is virtually rotten.” throughout this whole philosophical conversation, Shiftlet cannot keep his eyes and also thoughts off an old vehicle parked in the shed, i beg your pardon he would certainly love come have; likewise, Mrs. Crater is sizing the up together a handyman for she farm and a potential son-in-law.


Shiftlet ingratiates himself, teaching Lucynell her first word, “bird,” and performing fix-up duties, consisting of repairing and painting the late Mr. Crater’s automobile and also roofing the garden house. Mrs. Crater slyly uses Shiftlet the car, some money, and a house if he will marry her daughter. In their very first conversation, Shiftlet tells Mrs. Crater the he would not marry unless he can find an chaste woman among all the trash. Mrs. Crater points the end that Lucynell, in her deaf, childlike state, is as innocent as one have the right to be. After ~ haggling over such issues as how much money Mrs. Crater will offer him for a honeymoon, Shiftlet lastly agrees as soon as the old woman uses to purchase the paint for the car, i beg your pardon is currently running. The three of lock head to town the complying with Saturday because that the wedding. Shiftlet is left cranky and dissatisfied with the polite ceremony, although that is uncertain whether Lucynell has any type of idea what is acquisition place. Mrs. Crater is pleased in ~ the success that her plan to gain a...

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