Editor"s note: This story includes some that the informal language that mark Twain preferred to include in his writing. We have detailed explanations of few of the expressions after the story.

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Our story is referred to as "The commemorated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County." it was written by note Twain. Right here is Shep O"Neal v the story.


Angels Camp is California's most renowned Gold sirloin town, many thanks to writer and also humorist note Twain, who made the town in Calavares ar the setting for his 1865 brief story, "The commemorated Jumping Frog that Calaveras County."

A friend of mine in the eastern asked me to visit old Simon Wheeler, to ask around my friend friend, Leonidas W. Smiley. Ns did together my friend asked me come do and this story is the result.

I discovered Simon Wheeler resting by the cooktop in the destroyed mining camp that Angels.

I saw that he to be fat and had no hair, and also had a tenderness and basic look upon his serene face. He wake up up, and also gave me "good-day."

I told that a friend had asked me to uncover out about a friend named Leonidas W. Smiley, who he heard was at once living in Angels Camp. I added that if Mr. Wheeler could tell me anything around this Leonidas W. Smiley, I would feel a good responsibility to him.

Simon Wheeler compelled me into a corner with his chair and also began informing me this long story. He never smiled, he never ever frowned. But all with the endless story there to be a emotion of good seriousness and also honesty. This verified me plainly the he assumed the heroes that the story were guys of good intelligence.

I allow him go on in his very own way, and also never stopped him once. This is the story Simon Wheeler told.

Leonidas W. …. Hm… Le… well, there was a man below once by the surname of Jim Smiley, in the winter that 1849 -- or might be it was the spring of 1850. Anyway, he was the strangest man. He was always making money ~ above anything the turned up if he might get everyone to try to make money on the other side. And also if he might not execute that, he would adjust sides.

And he to be lucky, unusual lucky. That most constantly was a winner. If there to be a dog-fight, the would shot to victory money on it. If there was a cat-fight, he would certainly take the risk. If there was a chicken-fight, that would try to success money ~ above it. Why, if over there was two birds setting on a fence, the would want you to decision which one would fly very first so he can win money.

Lots that the boys here have seen that Smiley and can call you around him. Why, the did not matter to him. He would shot to do money on anything. He was the most unusual man. Parson Walker"s mam was really sick once, for a lengthy time, and it seemed as if lock were no going to conserve her.

But one morning that come in, and Smiley request him just how was his wife, and also he claimed she to be better, give thanks to God. And also Smiley, before he thought, says, "Well, I"ll hazard my money she will not obtain well."

And Smiley had actually a little little dog. To look in ~ the dog, you would certainly think he was not worth anything however to sit around and look mean and also look for a opportunity to stealing something. However as shortly as there to be money, he to be a various dog. One more dog could attack and also throw him about two or 3 times. Then every one of a sudden Smiley"s dog would certainly grab that other dog through his earlier leg and hang on till the guys said it to be over.

Smiley constantly come out the winner on the dog, at least until he discovered a dog as soon as that walk not have any earlier legs. The dog"s legs had been cut off in a machine. Well, the fighting ongoing long enough, and the money to be gone. Then when Smiley"s dog involved make a seize (at) the other dog"s back legs, he experienced in a minute just how there to be a problem.

The other dog was going to win and Smiley"s dog looked surprised and did not try to victory the fight anymore. He offered Smiley a look that stated he was sorry for fighting a dog the did not have actually any back legs because that him come hold, which he essential to win a fight. Climate Smiley"s dog to walk away, laid down and died. He to be a good dog, and also would have made a surname for himself if he had lived, because that he had intelligence. It constantly makes me feel sorry as soon as I think of the last struggle of his and also the way it turned out.

Well, this Smiley had rats, and also chickens, and cats and every one of them type of things. You could not obtain anything for him to threat money on however he would match you. He captured a frog one day, and took the home, and said he to be going to educate the frog. And so he never done nothing for three months yet sit in his ago yard and teach the frog to jump. And you gambling you that did teach him, too.


He would offer him a small hit from behind. And the following minute friend would view that frog dancing in the air and then come down all on his feet and also all right, favor a cat. Smiley acquired him for this reason the frog was catching flies, and he would catch one of those insects every time.

Smiley said all a frog want was education, and he might do nearly anything. And I think him. Why, I have actually seen him set Dan’l Webster down below on this floor—Dan’l Webster to be the name of the frog -- and sing out, "Flies, Dan’l, flies!" and quicker than you might shut her eyes that frog would jump directly up and also catch a fly off the table. Then he would loss down top top the floor again like a sphere of dirt and start rubbing the next of his head with his back foot together if he had actually no idea he had been law any much more than any frog might do.

You never ever seen a frog so moral and simple as he was, for every he was so skilled. And when it come to jumping, he can get over more ground in one jump 보다 any pet of his type that you ever before saw.

Smiley was really proud of his frog, and people who had traveled and also been almost everywhere all stated he was better than any frog they had ever before seen.

Well, at some point a stranger come in and says come Smiley, "What could be that you have acquired in the box?"

And Smiley says, "It"s only simply a frog." and the man took it, and also looked at it careful, and turned it ring this way and that, and says, "Hm, so it is. Well, what is he an excellent for?"

"Well," Smiley says, easy and also careless, "he can out jump any frog in Calaveras county."

The guy took the box again, and took an additional long look, and gave it earlier to Smiley, and says, "Well, ns don’t check out anything about that frog the is any better than any other frog."

"Maybe friend don’t," Smiley says. "Maybe you understand frogs and maybe friend don’t. Anyways, ns will hazard forty dollars and also bet you the he have the right to jump farther than any frog in Calaveras County."

And the guy studied a minute. "Well, I’m only a stranger here, and also I do not have a frog. But if I had a frog, ns would danger my money ~ above it.

And then Smiley says, "That’s every right. If friend will organize my box a minute, I will certainly go and also get girlfriend a frog." and also so the male took the box, and also put up his forty dollars and sat down to wait.

He sat there a long time thinking and thinking. Climate he gained the frog out of the box. That filled that mouth full of bullets supplied to kill tiny birds. Climate he put the frog top top the floor.

Now Smiley had caught one more frog and also gave it to the man and said, "Now sit him beside Dan"l and also I will provide the word."


Then Smiley says, "One-two-three-go!" and also Smiley and also the other man touched the frogs.

The new frog jumped. Dan"l just lifted increase his body but could not relocate at all. He to be planted choose a building. Smiley was an extremely surprised and angry too. But he walk not know what the problem was.

The other guy took the money and started away. And when he to be going out the door, that looked back and claimed "Well, i don"t view anything about that frog the is any much better than any type of other frog."

Smiley stood looking down at Dan’l a long time, and also at critical says, "I wonder what in the country happened to the frog. I wonder if over there is other wrong through him."

And he picked up Dan"l and turned him upside down and out come a entirety lot the bullets. And also Smiley was the angriest man. He collection the frog down and also took the end after that man however he never captured him.

Now Simon Wheeler heard his surname called and also got as much as see what to be wanted. The told me come wait yet I did no think that much more stories around Jim Smiley would give me any more information around Leonidas W. Smiley, and also so I started to go away.

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At the door i met Mr. Wheeler returning, and also he started talking again. "Well, this here Smiley had a yellow cow through one eye and also no tail…"

However, doing not have both time and also interest, i did no wait come hear around the cow. I just left.

This story was created by mark Twain and adapted for finding out English through Karen Leggett.