SCENES: The entire actors is congregated in the arborbecause Gabi and Miles room graduating from high school. Alan and Gina takepictures the the 2 graduates while they"re wearing their caps and gowns. Elmois wondering what’s walking on. He hasn’t even started school, for this reason he can barelybelieve the they’re finished through school.

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Gabi and Miles room remembering theirkindergarten days. On their an initial day, miss Walsh led the course in a recital onthe alphabet song.

It’s virtually time to walk to the graduation andGordon reminds Miles and also Gabi around that. Gabi is remembering the Miles wasvery shy as soon as he first called ~ above in class.


Gabi and also Miles have actually still flashbacks the oldschool days. This time they present the teacher photos they drew in class. Gabihas a picture of herself and Miles has actually a an ext abstract composition. ~ awhile, the wasn’t shy anymore.


Miles and also Gabi desire to continue to be a little longerand talk through Elmo about an argument between them over a fire truck at schooland learned come share ~ a track by miss out on Walsh. However they really need to go nowto graduation. Louis reminds them about that.

As Gabi and also Miles leaving for their graduation,Susan and Maria to walk by. Elmo wants now to walk to school and graduating himself.


There is a graduation party outside. Gordonand Luis room proud of their children’s graduation. Alan takes a picture ofthem. Over there is a sound somewhere and Gordon asks if someone else is graduatingas well. But this is only the graduation march of penguins, walking past SesameStreet.

Song:A parody of chuck Berry’s "Hail Hail Rock& Roll" "Off to School" with footage that a day at school.

The Letter that the Day: P. With the Letter the the Day, P starts the word,Prairie. So, Prairie under tells the Cookie Monster that he deserve to not eat theletter of the day. She put a blindfold top top him.


Cartoon: P, because that peas.

Film: The letter that the day ns is for a party,picture, and also puzzle.

Song: "Letter p Menu"

Cartoon: Grapefruit song

Insert: Slimey asks Oscar to sing a paraody that the"Y.M.C.A." track as "Stretch, Wiggl, Yay!". At the same time, the worms aredoing a workout.

Cartoon: A boy and also girl look in ~ a painting of a womanrowing a boat.

Muppet & boy Moment: Elmo and also Ben decidedto eat healthy and balanced snacks.

Muppets: Ernie and Bert remembering episodes of theirclassic Ernie and Bert clips "Things That ns Remember"

Cartoon: "This is the game Today"

Cartoon:It"s a Party Line!

Global Grover: Grover was in Jamaica and also he learned to tie-dye T-shirts. Some childrenlearn how to tie-dye. Grover was swim home yet he shed his very own shirt.

The number of the Day: The Count and also Countessare counting up to 15.

Cartoon: A girl find "15" ~ above a computer.

Cartoon: as a kid counts native 1 come 20, gets stuck at15. The number 15 sings "How hard It Is to be 15" and notes that she’s theeasiest number no to remember.

Elmo"s World: obtaining Dressed

The Adventures of Trash Gordon: chapter 241: rubbish bangs the greatest pot top together, onthe earth Pots and Pans. The tries to guide the Pots and also Pansians to stopdoing the same. Sesame Street episode 4112 ends after The Adventures of TrashGordon.

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