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This book focuses top top Roylin Bailey, a Bluford sophomore who appears in A issue of Trust. Roylin renders a destructive mistake: the steals money to buy a gift for the girl the his dreams and finds himself in a nightmare he can not escape.

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What is the Bluford Series? A Gateway to Reading!The Bluford collection is a repertoire of high-interest novels that have actually captivated teens nationwide. Set in fictional Bluford High, a tough yet nurturing inner city high school, the novels speak come the interests, struggles, and concerns the today’s 5th–10th graders. Praised through faculty, parents, and students alike, the Bluford series has transformed entire classrooms right into reading zones. A frequent choice for school- and also city-wide reading initiatives, the series has been extensively reviewed in the newspaper for Adolescent and also Adult proficiency (JAAL) and repeatedly endorsed by the American Library combination (ALA) and also the Young Adult Library services Association (YALSA).

Key functions of the Bluford Series

Relevant topics: Topics, themes, and situations in the Bluford series engage students’ real-life experiences. Through having straight relevance to students’ lives, the books instantly hook readers.Exciting and uplifting stories: The Bluford collection celebrates teenage personalities who make positive choices, especially when such actions are complicated or unpopular. Readers come to be emotionally engaged in every character’s struggle and also often cheer in triumph once it is resolved!

Common core Aligned: The Bluford series features a comprehensive teacher"s guide that includes a wide variety of activities aligned to the common Core State Standards. Offered together, the Bluford Series and the teacher"s guide are a powerful Language Arts source for students. Get details around the Bluford collection and the usual Core Standards. Accessible creating style: Bluford novels space written to appeal to intermediary readers. While content in the collection is sophisticated enough for high-school students and beyond, the reading level for the novels is between 5th and 6th grade.Short length: Each novel in the Bluford collection contains fewer 보다 200 pages. This modest length encourages readers to end up their book. And once they check out one, most students desire to continue—a pivotal step toward coming to be regular readers!Continuity and depth: While every novel stands on that own, countless characters and also conflicts lug over from book to book. Readers are attracted into a facility fictional people they desire to explore.Broad appeal: Action, suspense, mystery, and also romance fill the pages of the Bluford Series, providing something for every readers—boys and girls alike.Great price: Every novel in the Bluford collection is available at $2 each—an unbeatable value!

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around the writer

Anne SchraffAnne Schraff, the author of five publications in the Bluford Series, is a full time writer. She was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and earned a B.A. And M.A. Indigenous California State University, Northridge. Schraff taught high institution from 1967 to 1977 in ~ the Academy of our Lady of Peace, san Diego, California.As a child, Schraff traveled widely in the United claims with she mother, brother, and also grandmother. (Her father died when she to be three.) castle made your journeys in a camping trailer and also had plenty of wild adventures. Schraff frequently draws from those affluent experiences as soon as she creates she stories.As a teenager, Schraff held a variety of jobs. She began as a papergirl, transferring a hundred duplicates of the Los Angeles Times every morning at four o’clock. She later came to be a waitress and also a shrimp boat worker. An additional job as a boysenberry picker teach Schraff sympathy because that migrant workers.But Schraff always wanted to be a writer and also sold her an initial story, “Stage to Hell,” to a western magazine if she to be a university freshman. She pretended to it is in a masculine by signing the story A. E. Schraff. The editor didn’t understand the fact until that bought a dozen of she stories. Because then she has sold hundreds of stories and much more than eighty publications including historical fiction, biographies, scientific research books, and also her favorite, fictional publications for young people. You may contact Anne Schraff by writing to she at: ann Schraff PO crate 1345 feather Valley, CA 91979


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All comments listed below are indigenous letters sent out to us by educators who space using the Bluford Series.

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“My entire school has just perfect reading The Bully and thoroughly took pleasure in the book. They are relocating on to The Gun, the next publication in the series, and will begin reading few of the previous publications also. In every the years that I have actually been a librarian, I have never seen urban youngsters so enthused around a book. Our staff members love the publications too. Thank you for igniting reading enjoyment in our students.”

—Corlette Mays, Librarian, Hatch center School (Camden, NJ)

“My student adore the Bluford Series. We are spreading the pleasure we find in these books really quickly. We find your publications to be so interesting. We love the way they said to real life situations. Mine students are reading a lot now since they have found something that really understanding them.”

—Audrey Russell, reading Teacher, Turner center School (Philadelphia, PA)

"Thank you because that the wonderful Bluford Series! us bought a lot of them for that an excellent price. We were trying to find anything our wake up readers would spend much more than 10 minutes reading. Youngsters are now swapping books, mentioning them, no wanting teachers to finish SSR time, and also teachers have been coming begging because that sets for their rooms also.”

—R. Archer, analysis Teacher, Cabrillo High college (Long Beach, CA)

“I teach in a center school, and also there is small my students like much less than to be asked come read. The Bluford books, however, have made a vast difference. The guys in specific will pick them up and also actually shed themselves in them.”

—H. Pollock, Teacher phibìc Brandywine center School (Coatsville, PA)

“We have not to be able to store the Bluford publications on the shelves because the first students found them. Both boys and girls are analysis them prefer crazy. They space making deals with each various other – one brings the book earlier and an additional checks it best out. I have students who arrive in the library at 7:30 (school doesn’t begin until 8:30). Castle sit quiet at a table and read if other kids are playing on computers.”

—P. Roche, Librarian/Media center Director (Camden, NJ)

“My students have finished the series and can not wait for much more books. The Bluford publications are wonderful because that reluctant readers, and also we need an ext like them.”

—Renee Wedderspoon, Reading enhancement Program, Badger Ridge middle School (Verona, WI)

“I would choose to say thanks to everyone at Townsend push for the Bluford Series. The publications have been flying turn off the shelves that the library because that months now. Our . . . Reading teachers have ordered set of the novels for next year. This titles certainly filled a need in our school.”

—Deborah Mullin, Librarian, Rush center School (Philadelphia, PA)

“My college student love the Bluford Series. Students to be grabbing the books so easily I had actually to keep mindful track the them. They were even reading them in ~ home, and their parents to be shocked. Please write more!”

—Carole Koroluck, Teacher, Kennett middle School (Kennett Square, PA)

“I have actually been making use of the Bluford High collection in my . . . Classroom. I have not to be able to store the publications on my shelves, and also I"ve been dispersing the native to other teachers around how great these stories are. They room wonderful, and the students room asking because that more! that is a rare thing for me to have actually seen together excitement in <students> end books.”

—Cheryl Boulet, Teacher, Lafayette Parish School device (Lafayette, LA)

“After the Bluford publications were ceded to the school, the real alters started. The novels flew off my shelf like hot tamales. The youngsters would not put them down. They would sneak them during each of your classes, and also the other teachers were coming come me befuddled. My colleagues to be thrilled the the children had found books that they might identify with, but they were no paying fist in class. Every day long, the college student talked about the characters and the plot of each book. They have end up being inspired! Voracious readers now walk into my . . . Classroom.”

—M. Patano, analysis Teacher (Philadelphia, PA)

“I purchased the Bluford series for my high college library this year. They space WONDERFUL! it is so an overwhelming to find good titles (with realistic characters) for my african American students. Please save me on her mailing list, and let me know if any titles or new series are added.”

—Martha Gresham, Teacher, Collins High school (Collins, MS)

“One teacher who is utilizing the Bluford series at ours Residence basic reported that his students did not want to avoid reading to walk to lunch; castle pleaded come stay and also finish reading. Various other resident students have actually taken the publications to your rooms to continue reading in the evening and also have finished all 7 titles. An additional teacher using the publications reported the his student who generally have a very challenging time staying on task and concentrating can now concentrate totally for forty-five minute while analysis the novels. Numerous of his students have completed all 7 books and are . . . Completely captured by the stories.”

—M. Donohue, director of Education, Saint Gabriel’s system (Philadelphia, PA)

“I am a high school Special education Reading Teacher and work with a the majority of disadvantaged students and children the migrant farm workers. Ns am thrilled v this series. So numerous of mine students love the books, and some have barely read an entire book prior to reading one of your books. Number of students took the books home and gave them come other family members to read and enjoy. Save up the great work and give united state some much more books in the Bluford Series.”

—Lois Glennon, Teacher, southern Dade senior High institution (Redlands, FL)

“The Bluford collection is a complete hit through my students at West Philadelphia High School. They yes, really can’t get sufficient of them. Even the kids that you’d the very least expect to read are enjoy it them!”

—Teacher, West Philadelphia High college (Philadelphia, PA)

“My children LOVE the Bluford books. This are an excellent books because that young minds.”

—Deana D. Young, reading Teacher (Allentown, PA)

“Thank you because that these wonderful books and also their amazing covers.”

—Doris Jeske, reading Specialist, Carter college (Chicago, IL)

“Our students love the Bluford Series. I can’t keep the books on the shelves.”

—J. Downing, Library Media Specialist, Grover Washington Jr. Center School (Philadelphia, PA)

“I to be a second-year teacher in north Carolina. I . . . Can not say enough about your books. I have numerous students who are an extremely reluctant to read, however everyone I have actually talked to loves the Bluford Series. We read to ours students throughout homeroom every morning, and also my kids want to keep reading and take the books home. I cannot think how lot interest in reading the collection has lugged to ours school. Will certainly there be more novels? I recognize my youngsters will take every they have the right to get.”

—Michele Johnson, Teacher (North Carolina)

“I have actually personally read all seven books and also I would certainly recommend castle without apprehension to anyone interested in modern-day urban fiction featuring afri American high school students. They would certainly be a welcome enhancement to any kind of Young Adult library.”

—John F. Caviston, Librarian, Samuel S. Fels High college (Philadelphia, PA)




All comments listed below are taken from reviews that have appeared recently in a skilled reading journal.

“The novel introduces worries relevant to both male and also female teenager readers: the magic that budding romance, the personal struggles of kids with parental in the throes of severe marital conflict; the prestige of social popularity come teens, and, interestingly, masculine violence versus females in teen relationships. . . . In a bigger sense, the novel displayed how brand-new hope can emerge from an individual disillusion and disappointment.”

—A evaluation of Lost and also Found through Neal A. Lester in the newspaper of Adolescent and also Adult literacy

“<The Bully is> an exciting read. . . . The writer is a good story teller that weaves in all the reality details of everyday life the make readers forget this is fiction. . . . The day-to-day dramas the high college life—the cruelties, injustices, opportunities, and also successes—make a great story as soon as well placed together. . . . A basic story simply told the succeeds in its purpose for its intended audience.”

—A review of The Bully by James Blasingame in the journal of Adolescent and Adult literacy

“The book is well-written and easy to read. The cases hold the reader’s attention and also are ones the teens have the right to relate to.”

—A student evaluation of A matter of Trust released in the journal of Adolescent and Adult literacy

A matter of Trust shows the emotional volatility of teen romance, friendships, romantic and also sibling rivalry, and relationship betrayals. . . The rhythm of the language—the character’s and the narrator’s—makes the assorted storylines engaging and real. Schraff captures well the operations of mrs cliques, parental discord, immediate personal responsibility in conflict with immediate an individual desires, and also relationship healing.”

—A testimonial of A issue of to trust by Neal A. Lester in the newspaper of Adolescent and also Adult literacy

“<Someone to Love Me> keeps you on the edge of your seat anxiously wondering what will occur next.”

—A student review of who to Love Me released in the newspaper of Adolescent and Adult Literacy