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Light remains on also when I have my chair belt on those up through that. Is there a sensor or something in the buckle that is screwed up? ns don"t choose lights on mine dash what to i do.

Reach under your seat and there have to be a tiny one wire plug. Unplug it and also you"ll never have a light again :bigthumb:
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I have actually the same thing on my 78 chevy... I simply dont pay attention.. Till inspection.. Climate unplug the bulb.... :rotfl: boy gotta solve that... V eldo calipers in the ago I want to know when my brakes room on.... I dont have a obd ii plug so cant fail inspection for that...

i dont recognize if this will assist you with your dodge... But if girlfriend think around it... The is 1 wire.. Therefore voltage has to go with it.. And also when you put the metal belt into the lock.. The must complete the circuit transforming the light on... For this reason if her light is on... Friend may have actually a short....i understand my trouble is in the chair belt... I think that will be my problem.. Wherein the belt rolfes up.. And is stored.... :silly:

i had the same trouble in mine 98 .... And also now the light starts to flicker in my 02 ..... I gained to find the plug aparently the a typical thing
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My 01 go the same thing and it"s annoying having that dash lite on. Take it it to the dealer once and they said everything was fine. :fu: It"s gotta it is in some type of switch within the buckle chin that"s not making call when buckled. I have the right to actually acquire the light to go on & turn off while going under the road. So next trip to the dealer I"ll take the business manager for a ride and show him this ain"t right. :loser:

Mine never ever comes on except for a split second when I start it up. Is this normal or is mine disconnected already?
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On 2nd gen quadcabs, the connector has actually two pins, and also presumably completes the circuit via grounding v the seat frame, together there"s a solenoid which holds turn off the locking pawl on the reel inside the seat, for this reason if friend unplug the connector, the reels lock up.There"s also a switch (in the reel, not the buckle) i m sorry opens when the belt is pulled out, to rotate off the beep throughout the startup, on mine the warning irradiate doesn"t continue to be lit if you leaving the belt off. I think the concern is water in the impend under the seats, at the very least when i took my carpets the end to dried (I"ve done that three times now :cuss: ) it goes away till they get wet again.

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Yeah i had actually this happen to mine car? possibly my truck? ns cleaned the inside with alcohol and also acotton swap and also cleaned the buckle itself too. SOmetimes just a tiny dirty and needs cleaned.
thanks guys the light has gone out on the own. Ns hopped in the other day and also no light, so, we"ll watch if it continues to be off. Many thanks again because that the info
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