Characteristics of nervous Tissue

Nervous tissue is the main component that the worried system, which has the brain, spinal cord, and also nerves.

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Key Takeaways

Key PointsNervous tissue is one of four significant classes the tissues and provides up the central nervous system and also the peripheral nervous system.Integration and also communication are the two significant functions of nervous tissue.Nervous tissue consists of two categories of cells — neurons and also neuroglia.Neurons are highly dedicated nerve cells the generate and also conduct nerve impulses.Neuroglia room supporting cells that carry out physical sport, remove debris, and carry out electrical insulation.Key Termsmyelin: A substance produced by cell of the neuroglia that boosts the speed of impulses along the axon the the neuronal fiber.nervous tissue: The major constituent that the central and peripheral worried system, made up neurons and also neuroglia cells.brain: The control center of the main nervous system, located in the skull.

Nervous Tissue

Nervous tissue is one of four major classes the tissues. That is devoted tissue found in the central nervous system and the peripheral concerned system. It consists of neurons and also supporting cells called neuroglia.

The nervous system is responsible for the control of the body and the communication amongst its parts. Concerned tissue contains two category of cells—neurons and neuroglia.


Neurons space highly dedicated nerve cells the generate and conduct nerve impulses. A common neuron is composed of dendrites, the cell body, and also an axon.


Dendrites are responsible because that responding come stimuli; they obtain incoming signals towards the cell body. The axons space responsible because that transmitting impulses over long distances from cabinet body. The cell human body is choose a manufacturing facility for the neuron. That produces every the proteins and contains committed organelles such as nucleus, granules and also Nissl bodies.


Neuron: This picture illustrates the components of a neuron. The dendrites receive incoming signals while axons propagate signals far from the neuron cell body. The myelin sheath surrounds and also insulates the axon.


The axon is surrounded by a whitish, fatty layer called the myelin sheath. External the myelin sheath there is a cellular layer dubbed the neurilemma.

Schwann Cells

In the peripheral nervous system, Schwann cells room neuroglia cells that assistance neuronal duty by boosting the speed of advertise propagation. The Schwann cells room underlain by the medullary sheath. The medullary sheath is interrupted at intervals through the nodes the Ranvier.

Illustration that the Schwann Cells and also the Myelin Sheath: infection electron micrograph that a myelinated axon. The myelin layer (concentric) surrounds the axon of a neuron, reflecting Schwann cells.

Types of nervous Tissue

The worried system consists of worried tissue, which is created of two principal types of cells referred to as neuron and also neuroglia.

Learning Objectives

Describe the key cells that comprise nervous tissue

Key Takeaways

Key PointsNervous tissue is composed of neurons and also supporting cells dubbed neuroglia, or ” glial cells.”There are six varieties of neuroglia. 4 are discovered in the central nervous system, while two are discovered in the peripheral nervous system.The four varieties of neuroglia discovered in the central nervous device are astrocytes, microglial cells, ependymal cells, and also oligodendrocytes.The two species of neuroglia uncovered in the peripheral nervous device are satellite cells and also Schwann cells.Neurons space the other the other form of cabinet that comprise nervous tissue. Neurons have actually cell bodies, dendrites, and axons.Key Termsneuron: The key cell kind in worried tissue.neuroglia: sustaining cells in concerned tissue.

Nervous tissue, one of the 4 main organization types, is created of neurons and also supporting cells referred to as neuroglia. Neuroglia are also called “glial cells.”


There space six species of neuroglia—four in the main nervous system and also two in the PNS. This glial cell are involved in many dedicated functions apart from assistance of the neurons. Neuroglia in the CNS encompass astrocytes, microglial cells, ependymal cells and also oligodendrocytes. In the PNS, satellite cells and also Schwann cells space the two kinds of neuroglia.


Astrocytes are shaped like a star and also are the many abundant glial cell in the CNS. They have countless radiating processes which assist in clinging to the neurons and also capillaries. Lock support and brace the neurons and also anchor them come the nutrient supply lines. They also help in the guiding the hike of young neurons. Astrocytes manage the chemistry environment approximately the neurons.

Microglial Cells

Microglial cell are little and ovoid un shape with thorny processes. Lock are uncovered in the CNS. When invading virus or dead neurons are present, the microglial cells can transform into a phagocytic macrophage and aid in clean the neuronal debris.

Ependymal Cells

Ependymal cells space ciliated and line the main cavities the the brain and spinal cord whereby they form a reasonably permeable obstacle between the cerebrospinal fluid that fills these cavities and also the tissue cells of the CNS.


Oligodendrocytes heat up follow me the nerves and also produce one insulating cover referred to as myelin sheath. Lock are discovered in the CNS.

Satellite Cells

Satellite cells surround neuron cell bodies in the peripheral nervous mechanism (PNS). They are analogous to the astrocytes in the CNS.

Schwann Cells

Schwann cells surround all nerve yarn in the peripheral nervous mechanism and form myelin sheaths around the nerve fibers. Lock are found in the PNS. Their duty is similar to oligodendrocytes.


Neurons consist of of cell body and one or much more slender processes. The neuronal cell body consists of a nucleus and rough absorbent reticulum or Nissl Bodies. The cell body is the major biosynthetic center of a neuron and also contains the normal organelles because that the synthesis of proteins and also other chemicals. Arm choose processes expand from the cell body to all neurons.

The two species of neuron procedures are referred to as dendrites and axons. Dendrites space motor neurons that are short and have a large surface area because that receiving signals from various other neurons. Dendrites convey just arrived messages towards the cabinet body and also are therefore called the receptive entry region.

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The axon occurs from the cone shaped part of the cell body called the axon hillock. Functionally, the axon is the conducting an ar of the neuron and is responsible because that generating and also transmitting impulses typically away indigenous the cell body. A single axon courses the nerve impulse from the cell human body to one more neuron or an effector organ. The axon have the right to have many terminal branches, so each time the nerve fires, it deserve to stimulate more than one cell.