2002 Saturn Vue...60K+ miles...Check Engine light is on, took it come STS twice and also they hooked it approximately the computer and both times claimed nothing was getting here as gift wrong. Prior to I take it it come Saturn and have them take a look at it, anyone else have actually anything comparable happen through their vehicle?? I had actually just changed the air filter a pair weeks ago, and the following day the light came on. Coincidence??

Could be something as simple as a negative gas cap. Or if you placed gas in with the engine to run it can come on.

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While not particularly for Saturns, I"ve heard the same thing about the gas lid thing, in fact, the manual for my wifes windstar tells you to retighten the cap and wait 10 an essential cycles before taking it to the dealer.


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Have you had actually it in for organization at Saturn lately? our BMW provided to absent it"s light on as soon as it wanted service and also the only method to acquire it off was for the techs at the dealership to do a reset after lock finished stated (ridiculously expensive) service.


Only took me two years to number out that I could reset that myself by popping turn off the battery cable because that a couple of minutes.

through the exeption the the 25k valve adjustments, i took treatment of my very own maintenance from over there on in.

i will examine the gas cap for any problems, however that was the first thing i checked. Tank has actually been to fill twice due to the fact that it began coming on.

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The STS guy reset the light for us each time, and it was off because that the drive house (10 miles) and also then following trip the end it comes on.


of course this couldnt of taken place 2000 miles ago, while us were quiet under warranty...

My van did the exact same thing for a while. At an initial it seemed like the gas attendant no clicking that closed was the fault. So ns started having to remind the attendants to tighten the friggin thing. Some of them don"t also click it once. ultimately I think what the major cause of mine is a faulty gas gauge sensor. When ever I acquire past less than half a tank, my low gas light come on. Sometimes even though I have actually a fifty percent tank. Climate a couple of miles later the check engine light will come on. Presently ns don"t desire to uncover out just how much that will cost to fix. Ns hear it deserve to be an expensive. Therefore I simply keep pour it until it is full the tank before the short gas light come on(prematurely) and the check engine light has a chance to light up. At some point I will certainly probably have actually to acquire it fixed, due to the fact that the gas guage will probably crap out all together