Have you ever heard the expression sana sana colita de rana in barisalcity.org? the a barisalcity.org saying offered by parents almost everywhere Latin America to resolve physical pain of your children.

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However, the interesting part is that the expression doesn’t make any type of sense. It needs to do through a frog’s tail. That a social construct created due to the fact that it rhymes and also has a purpose.

Learning these cultural products room a good way come keep moving forward on her barisalcity.org progression and, together a bonus, it offers a glimpse of just how the society works. This is no tiny thing, as languages aren’t just systems of communication, but social products themselves. In stimulate to completely master them, you need to recognize the society from which that comes.

If you want to understand what other sayings choose sana sana colita de rana exist and how you can learn these phrases to her advantage, keep reading! you’ll soon discover that you have the right to learn a language and have actually fun at the exact same time!

Learning barisalcity.org In many Ways

Learning a brand-new language is a procedure that has plenty of different aspects. It’s not only around the grammar, the spelling, or the pronunciation. It also has to do with discovering a brand-new culture; the tiny things the make the language unique and the fun components that only native speakers it seems ~ to understand (such as the sana sana colita de rana saying).

For that reason, you can learn barisalcity.org (or any kind of other language) in so many ways. Some world like to find out it native books, rather look because that a tutor or a language partner, some like to download an app, while others might like city hall videos.

Tongue Twisters, Jokes, and Fun Sayings

Here at Homeschool barisalcity.org Academy, we think that the best method to learn barisalcity.org is one that has actually a balanced method of different strategies. It is why we have actually our own YouTube channel, but likewise offer one-to-one lessons, and also write grammar-related blogs, among many other things.

By discovering tongue twisters, jokes, and also fun sayings in barisalcity.org, you provide yourself the opportunity not just to have actually fun while discovering the language but additionally to absorb few of its many specific cultural products. It might seem strange to learn a hoax in barisalcity.org instead of a brand-new verb link set, however it’s all about balance. Grammar will only take friend so far, and also at some point you have to start handling the cultural particularities the the barisalcity.org language. In addition to sayings favor sana sana colita de rana, you’ll know crucial phrases that indigenous barisalcity.org speakers say to each various other or to small kids.


Fun Sayings in barisalcity.org

1. Sana Sana Colita de Rana

Sana sana colita de rana is not only a funny saying, but additionally a famous song in barisalcity.org because that kids. The full saying has actually two parts:

Sana sana colita de rana,Si no sana hoy, sanará mañana.

Its literal meaning translation sounds really funny in English and also makes no feeling whatsoever:

Heal, heal, little tail that the frog,If friend don’t cure today, you’ll cure tomorrow.

This is a funny saying in barisalcity.org that adults tell to small kids every time they fall or in which method hurt themselves. By saying something as absurd together this (what go the tail the a frog have to do v anything?), the youngsters get distracted, stop crying and go ago to chasing their friends. If you want to really execute it choose a indigenous speaker, you have to rub the hurt component of the human body while saying the magic words: sana sana colita de rana.

2. ¡Ponte ras Pilas!

I love this one! that literally way “put in your batteries.” You to speak it come a person who could seem a bit exhausted or distracted. Back in the day, there to be a mexican luchador (wrestler) referred to as the Súper Muñeco (Super Doll) who motivated this phrase. When he got tired and the other luchadores started acquiring the ideal of him, he would go come his corner and his trainer would certainly pretend to put new batteries in him. From that suggest on, Súper Muñeco would begin kicking anyone bottoms and win every fight.

I have actually no idea if it is the beginning of the phrase, but I uncover the story for this reason funny and also the best means to show the definition of speak ponte las pilas come somebody. Basically, you are saying something like “get yourself together,” yet you can also say that in a range of other contexts.

3. La Última Coca Cola del Desierto

Imagine a scenario where you space walking throughout the desert through a team of friends and in the cooler over there is one critical Coca Cola. Currently think, exactly how would that bottle of Coca Cola feel around itself (if it could do such a thing)? It would certainly feel pretty special and also entitled. It is the meaning of this saying. The most often used to tell somebody else that he or she think too lot of himself or herself.

Te crees la última Coca-Cola del desierto.You think you space the last Coca-Cola in the desert.

4. En Boca Cerrada No Entran Moscas


This one is funny too. “In a closeup of the door mouth no paris can gain in.” You get the picture, right? it’s simple, and also it’s clear, that’s why it functions so well. Keep your mouth shut, and also you won’t obtain into trouble. It’s better not come say anything, and also to avoid any potential problem. It’s supplied a lot of when world are gossiping.

5. Ni Tanto que Queme al Santo, Ni Tanto que No lo Alumbre

My abuela (grandmother) supplied to say this one every the time and I just love the sound and rhythm:

Ni tanto que queme al santo,ni tanto que no lo alumbre.

Not so lot that the saint it s okay burned,But no so little that it won’t get any type of light.

The saint is a religious icon, a figure of Saint Joseph because that example. V this expression you space telling who to placed a candle close come the saint not so much that burns it, but not too much that the won’t also light it. It’s about the middle ground and also finding the right balance in life, work, or noþeles actually.

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6. Con Paciencia y con Maña, un Elefante se Comió una Araña

I wanted to finish the blog article with this one since it gives the best message. “With patience and skill, one elephant ate a spider.” It’s comparable to that of sana sana colita de rana, together in the only reason over there is a colita de rana in the first place, is since rana rhymes v sana. Same with the araña; that there due to the fact that it rhymes v maña.

The picture is beautiful and also speaks because that itself. Through patience and skill, friend can accomplish anything. Also learning barisalcity.org!Which expression is her favorite? permit me recognize in the comments!