The objectives of Saints row 2 space a blast — yet these space the ideal ones come play cooperatively v a friend.

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Saints Row's ceo shoots one SMG (left) and also them in the arena surrounded by Brotherhood trucks (right)
There's nothing quite prefer a great co-op game to sit and play through a an excellent buddy. The developers of the Saints Row collection saw the fun element of co-op and added it to the collection with Saints heat 2. This enables two friends come team up with each other to rip Stilwater and its criminal gangs a new one in a selection of various ways, including Saints heat 2's missions.

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Co-op in Saints row 2 helped make challenging missions easier, and also some of the more fun objectives even much more of a blast to play through. Co-op assisted make these adhering to missions all the far better and much easier for you and a buddy. Note that this only includes story missions, no side activities in the video game as they're not ideal story missions.

The ceo assault
The 2nd to last mission for the Ultor corporation, Salting The Earth... Again sees the boss trying to kill numerous Ultor executives plank a yacht. The variety of enemies to take it on have the right to be a lot of to manage alone, but the real problem here is the ride come the yacht.

Ultor will send a helicopter after girlfriend that has lock-on missiles that have the right to be hard to dodge. V a second player around, the helicopter will certainly only be able to go after one of you. As soon as the two of you acquire to the yacht, reap massacring several corporate executives the are constantly trying come screw friend over.

The ceo holds Jessica hostage together they deal with an onslaught the SWAT team members
Payback can be satisfying, and also this mission against the Brotherhood corridor sees you obtain it versus Jessica — the girlfriend of the Brotherhood's leader and the one behind Carlos's death. Girlfriend mainly have to deal with a ton the cops together you take it Jessica hostage at a bank and then take a drive to the college while having cops on girlfriend constantly.

lot like through Salting The Earth... Again, a buddy help lighten the load and also provides a second person to focus on the cops. Playing this mission in co-op ensures there's a means to keep Jessica's car, which can not be acquired normally.

Maero huffs and puffs after gift beaten in the Siege
after stealing a weapon delivery from the Brotherhood, the Saints decision it's time to assault the Brotherhood's main base (which you had actually seen previously in the Brotherhood storyline). The assault is every bit as extreme as it is hyped approximately be and is make even much more fun with a friend to shot out the tools you simply received.

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There room Brotherhood gangsters everywhere and also having one extra collection of eye can aid lessen the damage you take throughout this mission. There is additionally a challenging boss fight through Maero in ~ the finish where the wields a mini-gun that can shred her health. Someone could assist draw Maero's withering fire far while the other focuses on damaging him.

Maero, in his van (top) prepares to take it on the boss in the arena with a bunch of Brotherhood trucks at his side
The finale mission because that the Brotherhood, Showdown look at the boss go up versus Maero in a monster truck, along with other Brotherhood members in smaller trucks of their own. You have a large open area to give you and a girlfriend space, yet taking on every the vehicles is a difficult endeavor.

with co-op, the endure is make easier because you have actually some aid as protest to act Showdown normally. Much like with the Siege, one person can emphasis on a set amount of adversary trucks while the other can emphasis on Maero and also any other trucks that might get in the way. As soon as Maero is finished, the two of you can enjoy lastly avenging Carlos together.

This boy of Samedi mission look at you defend Shaundi and Pierce together they try to load crates the Loa Dust top top a truck. But you'll have actually to resolve a legion the junkies that were provided permission from the Samedi to keep any kind of drugs castle retrieve.

The junkies room not too lot of a problem in the warehouse, but they do come to be an issue when you need to escort the truck ago to the hideout. Occasionally it feels together though castle overwhelm you, and also a buddy play co-op v you can help lighten the load.

one more finale mission, the purchase Maul mission watch you and Shaundi ambush the Samedi's leader exterior the purchase mall and also then follow him about in claimed mall.

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The Samedi will come at you with every little thing they've got, which contains protecting the general in a humvee loaded with a mini-gun. Even with Shaundi, it is a lot because that one human to handle. A friend offers an extra hand to revive you when you're down and can distract the other Samedi gangsters while you focus on the general's vehicle. Play in co-op is the only means you can achieve the general's distinct limo therefore be certain to have a buddy v the video game if you great to perform that.

perhaps the darkest mission in the game, rest In tranquility will check out you and Gat protect themselves versus Shogo Akuji after he crashes Aisha's funeral with number of Ronin, interrupting Gat's moment of grief. The two of you have the right to enact righteous justice versus Shogo by wiping the end his Ronin together before finally taking him down.

Plus that is good to have a friend comfort you after the two of you help Gat ask Shogo alive together punishment. He to be a jerk, sure, but did he yes, really deserve together a fate?

now that the son is the end of the way, that is time to attend to Shogo's father, Kazuo — the leader the the Ronin. One Man's Junk has another annoying helicopter launch explosive barrels at you till you with the boardwalk and also have to deal with several Ronin.

The 2 of girlfriend will have to challenge the Ronin's critical stand with each other as you ultimately finish off Kazuo on selection of timeless Chinese boats, and truly avenging Aisha and also bringing Gat peace.

What a way for Saints row 2 come end. This mission will see the two of you shot to lastly finish off Ultor's large boss in Dane Vogel, who has been a mandrel in the Saints' side for lot of the game. Ultor will also unleash the full pressure of their security on you as you follow him with the Saints row neighborhood and also into the Phillips building, the big building in the ar — needless come say, this is wherein a friend play co-op will come in handy.

having actually a friend will assist make points a bit much more fun and easier together the two of you work together come solidify the Saints together the ones in charge of Stilwater.

The worst sort of pains is betrayal, and also Saints row fans certainly felt the after it's revealed the Julius, the leader that the Saints in the an initial Saints Row, was the one responsible because that trying to punch you up and also wiped the end the initial Saints in the process. ~ unlocking the mission, the 2 of you will face Julius in ~ the church in Saints Row, whereby you an initial joined the Saints.

but it's a setup — Dex, an additional Saint rotate traitor, lured you and also Julius over there in an effort to death you. From right here your girlfriend can aid fend turn off the Ultor Masako teams and ease the stress of the pursuit from the church to the amphitheater (which is a great drive away) together you attend to helicopters, follow vehicles, and roadblocks. Finish off the assassins to watch Julius refer his lack of regret prior to finally putting the old male to rest.

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